O.T.H. – [my secret sitcom]

Ok, I will probably get my g-pass revoked for saying this aloud. I have a new sitcom obsession, and I am embarrassed to say aloud but I am addicted to this show. It is called ONE TREE HILL.

One Tree Hill

Let me explain how it all happened. I was on Wilkipedia one day, and stumbled upon a description of the show. I read it, and it actually sounded interesting so I set my DVR up to record an episode. Well, let’s say that one episode led to me recording all of them…the past 5 seasons, including the new one.

Now I will be real. The acting sucks so bad it is not even funny. Almost every character has an annoying voice, and their body mannerisms are just comical. So why do I like it then? The plot. I really got drawn into the storyline, and it is intriguing to me. If you don’t know, here is the short rundown. There is this small town in Carolina called Tree Hill. This guy there (Dan Scott) was this basketball legend (I guess you could say). So his last year before college, he got his high school sweetheart pregnant. Dan was so focused on playing ball he just left her there to raise the baby (Lucas) on her own, and went on to play bball in college. While in college, Dan met his wife and had another son (Nathan). Now this is where it gets interesting. Something happened (haven’t gotten to that point in the series yet) where he moved back to Tree Hill. Fast forward like 16 or so years. Nathan is like the star basketball player just like his father (Dan). The thing is, Dan doesn’t acknowledge his other son Lucas at all, so there is like all this tension and drama wrapped around it. Not only that, but Nathan is financially well off (because of his father), whereas his half-brother Lucas is not. Long story short, both the brothers ended up playing on the same basketball team, and the father is like a jerk about it because he just hates Lucas’s existence. Dan is also like a serious butt. He pits Nathan against Lucas, and actually causes more tension than there needs to be.

There is a lot more stuff tied into the plot like Lucas’s uncle, other stuff that went down, etc., but it is pretty decent to me. Plus I like watching shows that has a tad bit of action to break the monotony. Some of the basketball games are corny, but overtime I have seen them add more skill players.

All in all, the show is good once you get into it, and get past that horrible acting. The writing is actually pretty good. If you are like me and like shows that have action, yet focus on relationships, then you would like. One Tree is lightweight my stuff right now. That and Friday Night Lights. I could write a blog on FNL all in itself. Love that show!


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