Superman dat…

There is a song out called Crank That by Soulja Boy. I have to admit, I thought the song was stupid, then I (being a former drummer) heard this remix with Travis Barker, and I liked it. Anyway fast forward. I read an article somewhere that people were complaining about this song being played at NBA games. They were mad because in the unedited version, he said to “superman dat ho” and they were mad about women being referred to in a derogatory manner. I forget what PR was done, but in a nutshell that particular organization stated they just played the same top songs on the radio (something to that effect).

I thought nothing more of it. Now I always wondered what “superman’ing” meant, but figured I am getting old, and some things I just don’t get. So yesterday I get an e-mail forward from a friend of mine back in the mid-west, and it had the following:

Just FYI for those of you who have young children or work with the youth. I was actually listening to the TJMS when Bro. Kirk Franklin was talking about this. It was almost as if he (a grown man) had trouble actually trying to put into word the meaning as not to be “as offensive” as it really is. It is a must that we pay close attention to what our young are listening to, watching and being influenced by.

I wanted to pass this information on, I didn’t know if anyone else was as behind on things as I was. Thanks to Tom Joyner’s show this morning with Kirk Franklin I was enlightened. Kirk Franklin said he did not let his children listen to the song Souljah boy because of the words and the meaning of Superman. With that information I needed to find out exactly what superman meant other then the super hero. I google searched and put the word in and this is what I discovered:

Superman is when a guy ejaculates on a girl’s back and puts a sheet on her back. When she wakes in the morning and stands up, the sheet is stuck to her back (like a cape), you have officially “supermanned” that ho. Watch Me crank dat Souljah boy now superman dat ho. My mouth is still hung open with shock – I had no idea. It pays to know what the kids are listening to and singing.

I don’t know what to say about that. I think my first thought was I felt bamboozled. I admit, I got into the remix and immediately felt foolish for not understanding the lyrics. Even though it tripped me out as well, when I thought about it, these young men are no different than we were when we were younger. I know no one wants to admit we were heathens, but let’s be real here. Our generation was ignorant and used statements like “beat it up” or “blew her back out” as means to be cocky and articulate our sexual prowess.

As a father, this ain’t cool. I don’t want my kids listening to this crap. As a man, when are we going to start being accountable? Many of us were just as ignorant at that age, but few of us now do anything to teach these youth about the error of OUR ways. Maybe because we are still trying to live our lives through them? Come on now fellas. Yes, we were not perfect, but we have grown (some of us) and we have a responsibility to relate to these young men. Teach them how OUR perception was distorted, and some things WE did were flat out wrong. Teach them there are some things in life you do that you can’t take back. Teach them it is deeper than temporary gratification; these are lives that are being destroyed. Do you really understand the grand scheme of things? How black married couples are pretty much going to be instinct because of our nonchalant, promiscuous way of thinking? Have you even looked at the declining stats for marriages in our community? Do you honestly think you can run through females until you get old, then magically the stars will align and you will find the right one and settle down? Why would you think that is an option when there are other negro’s like you doing the same thing and will do the same thing to the girl you call The One?

Real talk, I have a lot more I could say on this, but maybe I will just save it for another blog. A blog about men and how we treat women. A blog about whether or not you’d want the UPS man to superman your mom? A blog about some dude calling your baby daughter a b____, and superman’ing her on the bed you paid for? It is completely different when it is a female in your life, but it is ok to other women?


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