blood in, blood out

I am still a little torn on this blogging thing. How personal do I want to go? Do I want to share photos of my family? In any case, I cut the smallest one’s hair this past weekend. I call him Mikey, or Butter. In any case, it is like a full fledge barbershop up in my house with all those heads. Butter is 1 years old (and some months), and this was his third cut. First time, just took a 1′ guard, and took some of that fluff off. Second time, a little closer (maybe 1/8). This last time? Well, let’s just say lil man fought me with all his might, so I just cropped it all off. I shouldn’t say all…but there are no more curls. My little bald bull (as I dub him). Him so cute. Funny how kids make a grown man talk funny, but that is my homey. I joke that now he has a low cut like his brothers, so he officially one of us now. Blood in, blood out.



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