stupid drama

This is a boring lil quick post. I haven’t been writing in quite some time. I have my second novel finished and it is being edited as we speak, but for some reason just haven’t been real motivated to complete it. Lots of stupid drama going on right now with work, family, health, etc. Dumb drama back in OH I have to take care of (which urks me because I planned on never returning after I left). Then on top of every other lil stupid thing that I don’t have the time to mention, my close friend’s wife passed away at 30 yrs of age a few weeks back. Way too young, and still messes me up when I think about her not being here, the kids, and what my dude has to deal with. For those not married, your spouse is your best friend. Well, in some cases it is like war of the roses and you try to poison & kill one another, but ideally in a healthy marriage, you share so many intimate moments, thoughts, ideas, goals, dreams. There are so many memories made from life experiences, family drama, sex (becoming one), even fights. Laughter etched in mind making you chuckle off the things you and ONLY your wife understood. I don’t know…that’s a tough one and I still feel myself at a loss for words. Even though I lost my grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, my wife’s grandmother AND her mother…losing your spouse is a completely different animal, and I have no idea what he is going through. Just constantly keep him in my prayers.

Hopefully I will get back on the grind with this blog as I do have lots of positive uplifting info to share. I just have to climb out of this funk.



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