I learned a new word today. It is – defenestration.

de·fen·es·trate (dē-fěn’ĭ-strāt’): To throw out of a window.

I really like this word. Maybe I am violent and need counseling, but… (I am going to type this, then decide whether or not to put this blog into production) I will admit this one time and one time only as I have only shared this with my wife prior to. I have had this longtime fantasy. I am like outside or something, and someone (to not slander I will not state who), is pissing me off (or does something to threaten my family), and in an irrational state of mind, I take that thick part of the pay phone and pop em across the forehead with it…Above the Law, Steven Seagal style.

See, told you I got issues. lol. (I have a couple more I can’t mention for fear I may be sent to a psychologist) I started to feel bad, then I talked to my co-worker and started to realize people are just as warped as I am. He created the word – undefenestrated – just in case you want to see someone thrown BACK through the window.

In any case, when I initially learned about this word, I thought of some of the annoying people in the history of my years on this earth (family, co-workers, ex’s) that I wouldn’t mind see defenestrated & undefenestrated….out a castle.

Give me time because the list is still compiling…..


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