take time to breathe

You know this has been an eventful week. I had to deal with that stupid drama that I mentioned earlier. Don’t worry…I am not a criminal. Matter fact, that will be the last breath I dedicate to even mentioning that issue.

So I was only in my hometown for a hot second. Unfortunately I didn’t get to rap with all the people I know, but I at least got to meet up with two of my dudes while I was there. We sat and talked about the school districts, religion, real estate, athletics, raising children, who is doing what, and our walk down the straight and narrow. I know, right. Getting old. Crazy how conversation with your boys changes over the years. In any case, we chatted till 430am. Next day I took what life threw at me, and made sure my departure from the city I worked so hard to get out of was as prompt as possible. Hit ATL up for a little 5 hour layover and caught up with another friend there. Coming from my hometown (which was nasty, raining and depressing) to Hotlanta (which was 95 degrees at the time) was a lovely change. It was almost poetic in regards to leaving my past behind…muhahahhaa (evil villain laugh).

But back to the purpose of this blog. I been running around this week with so many obligations that I have not had a chance to breathe. I had a lot of stuff on my STD list for tonight (std meaning stuff to do). Well my oldest got straight A’s again, so I felt I should spend some time with him and put that list aside. I ended up playing chess with him, and the way this child’s brain works never ceases to amaze me. Game evolved into a conversation about football…which was a good life lesson as well. The game ended up moving to my office and me introducing him to my new lightweight obsession – a puzzle game named Bejeweled 2. So as he was playing (slowing demolishing my score), I sat there with my other sons on my lap (2 & 4) and looked out my office window at the man made lake across the street. It was approximately 7pm and a mild 88 degrees. In the stillness of that moment as the sun retrieved and dimmed the sky, I just had to thank God. No matter how much drama I have in my life, no matter how many trials and problems, I have so many things to be thankful for!

I have lost a LOT of close people to me (family and friends) to death, so I am thankful for every minute with my family. I have an intelligent, sexy wife, along with 4 handsome healthy boys to come home to everyday. I also have a close knit group of friends (the circle of trust like bobby dinero), including my goddaughters, that I constantly keep in prayer. I appreciate all of them because they have all blessed my life in some way. I think too often in life we don’t take a second to just breathe. A second to just look at the sky, or watch the ripples in the water. Time to just appreciate our kids (instead of focusing on the bad things they do). I think too often we spend more time worrying about tomorrow and future trials, than the minute we are currently in. Jesus stated to not worry about tomorrow because today has enough problems of it’s own (Matthew 6:25-34).

Life is way too short. Now I know this is cliche, but when you have people close to you die, you take this statement literally. Live every minute like it is your last. Don’t let ANYONE steal your joy. And most importantly, just stop, take a second and breathe.


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