my internet father, cause my biological didn’t bother

I was thinking about this song Shaquille O’Neal did back on his Shaq-Fu album. Yea, I admit I was dumb enough to get it. I liked “Reign” with Biggie. In any case, he had some lyrics I thought about this weekend –

He took me from a boy to a man so Phil is my father,
cause my biological didn’t bother

I took my son’s fishing this weekend across the street. Didn’t catch anything, but still had fun trying. I thought about how my father never took me fishing (my grandfather taught me).

PAUSE – I’d like to stop right here and say this is not about to be one of those ol whiney, my daddy wasn’t there type crybaby sessions where people blame every mistake they ever made in the world for their daddy not being there. I am just making a point.

So back to my story. I never really thought too much about my sperm donor not being around. But as I got older, had my own kids, and get 1 million questions a day, I realized just how powerful a positive male influence is inside the household. See, my grandfather was there, but my pops wasn’t around, so I had to learn a lot from my boys, and other males around me (church, sports, athletics, the streets, etc.). As I became an adult, there were a few things I needed help with, and I had no one around to turn to. Real sad I have to learn about car repair, or how to tie a tie, or what fishing bait to use, or certain sports, or investments, or credit, or career choices, or a plethora of other things…all from the internet. lol.

Makes me chuckle thinking about it actually. The internet sorta like my half-daddy. Maybe I should sue the net for child support.


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