my adventures in fishing 2.5

Ok, guess I will start sharing my fishing adventures. This is technically the second episode (since I briefly mentioned it before), but had to add a .5 since there were mini episodes along the way. Hey, my book, my rules.

So I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but a while back we were going to church, and had to stop to get some wipes or something. Me (being a man) had to look at other stuff in other departments (electronics/sports). Figured hey, we were early so I had time. Looked at the fishing rods, and they had a sale. Two of them were the spinning reel rods regularly priced $49 & $64, and both were on sale for like $14 or something crazy like that. I picked them up, along with a tacklebox, another rod for the kids, etc.

Fast forward. I get them home, and think about going fishing, then realize as cool as they look, I have never used a spinning reel before, nor do I know how to cast. Believe me, if you never seen one, it is not as easy as you may think. I had to go to my internet daddy to get some help. Let me condense a few fishing ventures into one. I get it figured out, and finally start to fish. I start with my pretty cranberry and gold rod. I cast this joker perfectly (for my first time). I go to cast it for the 3rd time, and I hear this huge splash in the water. Now my 3 yr old is a handful, and is always throwing rocks. I immediately fuss at him asking him what he just threw in the water. lol. I mean it sounded like his baby brother hit the water it was so loud. I go to real this in, right, and the crank is GONE. I am SO SO heated. Had to grab the string and pull it in. At this time, I was like Robin Harris off House Party I……THE PARTY IS OVA!!!

I had some other things go wrong too. The cheaper rod wouldn’t cast (line stuck), the baby (1 yr old) kept trying to run and tumble into the water. It was just terrible. I went back to the lab vowing I’d never have another day like that. I threw my beautiful, now dysfunctional rod into the corner of our garage, and started to work on the other open reel rod. A week or so passes, and I fixed the string on it, as well as the string on the cheaper rod (getting lost yet)?

Man, I don’t even have the energy to explain everything that went wrong. Let’s just say yesterday I went over without the kids. I went to cast this joker, and the line…I can’t even explain what happened. It got so tangled I didn’t even feel like pulling it in by hand. I wrapped the line around my hand, and in a fit of rage…

For you fishermen out there, you can see my agony in slow motion before it happens, huh? Me being caveman…me fish for me family. hahahaha. I tried to snap that fishing line. Whew weee buddy. Little did I know that fishing line consisted of a monofilament made of a fluoropolymer having the ultimate breaking strength of a MINIMUM of 150000 psi.

Ok, maybe not that particular line, but boy did it cut me good.


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