The Fishing Chronicles 3.0

Well, the fishing saga continues (for those who missed, check the previous episode).

This was a pretty relaxing weekend. I had some work to do, but when complete I had time to just relax with my kids. We ended up renting Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins because nothing else was out, and it was surprisingly funny. THAT’S NASTY…THAT IS YOUR COUSIN! hahahaha.

So back to fishing. Sunday afternoon I was glancing out my office window, and I saw the little boy across the street fishing. I had just joked with my wife about how I hadn’t seen him in months, and hope my neighbor didn’t pull a Desperate Housewives on him (basement, etc.). This kid always has the best luck fishing. He usually has buckets of fish, so I decided to walk over and see what bait he was using. Hotdogs. Imagine that. My sons ended up coming over, and the younger boy let my oldest use his rod. Don’t you know he caught something in minutes? Don’t know it it was the bait, or because it just rained. I grabbed my other poles and went back over. Seemed as my luck had changed. I caught 2 blue gill, and so did my son. Nice size too. Here I am thinking this the end of my fishing folly blog as no one cares about these hallmark moments of me bonding with my son catching fish. After the other kids left, my son and I kept fishing and talked about football, and whatever other things I could teach him. No sooner than I thought about how this would be one of those reflection type blogs, it happened.

No, not the fish hook in the ear. But worse (in my opinion). Red fire ants.

Let me back up. When I first walked over, I had 1, 2, & 3 with me. Number 2 ended up going back in because those bugs were trippin, so 1 & 3 wanted to stay out. Number 1 was the next to leave, so as I walked him back across the street, I pointed out to him what ant hills were, and to never ever play with them (because this kid is all boy and loves to throw rocks, poke stuff, etc.). I get him in the house safely, and go back and chill with 1. As he is casting (and doing very good I might add), I am trying to untangle my line from the last episode. I get it working, and start casting. Stupid thing was not releasing right (of course it was not my fault). So as I cast about the third or fourth time, I am getting irritated by these bugs. At this point, it was beyond biting and started to sting. Then sting more. I look down, and these red ants are going in and out my shoe like I had wet ice cream on it or something. All around my socks, ankles, all that. It wasn’t that extreme as I noticed em before they got too bad, but don’t get it twisted; that mess don’t tickle (playground joke). I took them shoes off, went back across the street and sprayed em down with the water hose prior to going in the house.

I tell you, fishing is supposed to be relaxing but I have the worst luck. Sitting here with phantom itching/burning pains while I am typing this (don’t go there). I should go back late tonight and light their colony on fire. Turn em into fire-fighter ants.


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