athletic cup for work

Today is an official, I am not trying to do nothing at work day. Going through a little storm right now, so trying to truck forward and let life continue without missing a beat or letting it distract me. The morning already started off funky, so as I checked my BB on the walk to work, I was expecting some ignorant work email (because apparently stupid is in the air this week). To my surprise my inbox was relatively sane, so I proceeded to check my personal address. I saw that a friend of mine in OH sent me an invite for fantasy football. I just couldn’t believe it was that time of the year again. Like most men in this country around football season, I am an avid fan of the sport and get my panties in a bunch over yards, tds, tackles, the whole nine (pun intended).

For those who don’t understand Fantasy Football, I guess I could try to explain…but then again that could get lengthy. If you want to know, voice your opinion and I may dedicate a blog to it. Back to work though. I make it in on time (hip hip ho…) and plan out my day. Aside from coaching, I am sitting there thinking about what the new fantasy football season holds, new rules, and possibly implementing a trophy this year (yea, it is that serious).

I shot an email over to some friends and had a little debate over whether or not participating in Fantasy Football leagues with payouts is gambling (I believe the latter). Still in gridiron mode, I began looking for equipment for my son, and I ran across this Under Armour cup. Never really thought about fashion consciousness and an athletic cup in the same sentence before, but I must admit that I am fond of this design. Maybe I can start wearing one to work? Or better yet, I could get one for the bedroom. Doesn’t it look like it constrains a caged beast?

Will you protect this house? I will, I will, Under Armour, HUNH!! – [click to watch]

I love that commercial man!


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