TO Football Camp…

My son recently attended the TO Football Camp. As my friends know, I am a Niner fan living in Dallas. It is tough at times because people worship football here…especially the Longhorns and the Cowboys. Texans truly believe that hole was cut in the stadium so God could watch his favorite team play. Like God can’t see through metal, huh? Hasn’t developed that power yet. lol.

In any case, regardless of team, I have always been a TO fan. I argue with some of my older ex-coworkers back home about celebrations and whether or not that is good sportsmanship. How I wouldn’t necessarily let the kids who I coach do it, I still enjoy watching those on college and professional levels, and I don’t see anything wrong with it (lol). It brings excitement to the game, and from a defensive mindset like mine…if you don’t like it, then stop it! It really is that simple. I bring that up because TO still has my favorite celebration to date…the infamous star. Funny thing is Cowboy fans get hype talking about how G. Teague hit him, but at that point did it really matter? That was the ultimate disrespect, but since I dislike the Cowboys, it was wonderful. Let’s take a moment to pause in remembrance of a former Niner…

Ok, so back to the camp. I think it was cool to do this for the local kids. They had a blast out in the heat, and my son just loves the gift bag he received. Some of those kids were unreal. This one kid ran a 4.3 40. I was up at the top of the stands, and before they even called out the time you knew he was special because this kid was ROLLIN’. I am not the type of person who gets star struck, but I will say that dag on Marion Barber looks just like he does on the cover of my son’s video game NFL Street 2…lol.

The first day I went solo, but the second day I took my wife and other sons with me (that littlest one is something else I am telling you). I won’t post all the photos, but here are a few I took…

* Here are some additional photos from the camp from the professional photographers


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