Top 10 Cartoons of All-Time

I was talking to my son telling him how different things were when I was little. My boys rarely watch cartoons because they are shown on television so frequent. So I was explaining to him how we didn’t have Cartoon Network, and Saturday mornings were a treat that we looked forward to because that was the only time we were able to watch cartoons. Recently I have been renting some old series so they can see the quality and even though my oldest is too old now to care, my 4 & 5 year old are getting addicted to some of our classics.

My new blog thing (which continually evolves) is TOP 10 TUESDAY. Yea, this is a Friday…so? lol. Every other week I will come up with my top 10 list, so figured this would be a good way to kick it off. Heck its Friday, not like you working at your job, and ain’t got ish to do. Only criteria…must be a cartoon from the 80s. Please feel free to comment.



This one was hard because they both were one of my favorite shows. Did you ever see the one where they swapped? Well for that reason alone, they both share the 10 spot.


Ok, I admit. I wanted Tom to crush Jerry’s world and it never happened. Almost like I used to root for the Coyote. I was a disturbed child. lol.


I’ll get you Gadget!!! Gadget had a sweet whip.


Ok this is kind of cheating since this wasn’t just one cartoon. Remember this joker would come on Sundays, and you try to act like you were taking your time getting ready for church to watch a little bit more?


Looking back at some old episodes, He-Man is real gay to me now. But back then, he was raw. Remember you had that one rich friend that had the Castle Of Greyskull? You thought it was a myth until you spent the night, and stood there in awe. Or remember She-Ra?


Do I really have to say anything? Life didn’t get any better than Spidy and his Amazing Friends.


A lot of people aren’t hip to the SilverHawks, and it is one of the hardest series to find. It had the same sweetness factor as Thundercats (made by same creators), but was in outer space. Made this slick screech. I would bump it to #3 if there were better plots (and villains). Other than that their outfits, weapons, etc. was so tight.


I loved the characters, loved the concept, loved the toys (advantage over SilverHawks), loved the animation, loved the enemies (Mumm-Ra was on that juice…he was ripped). Cheetara was nice, Lionel was cool, but my boy was Panthro. A straight beast!!


Who didn’t like the Transformers? Remember when the movie came out? The cartoon (and toys) were so innovative and fresh. Good story lines, good animation. Transformers was that stuff. I remember the first Transformer I got was all metal. I recently purchased one for my sons, and that thing fell apart in a couple days because of all that cheap plastic they use. If you want to travel down nostalgia lane, check out this history of Transformer toys. Remember Soundwave?

1. G.I. JOE

This has to get my nod for #1. For one because of the sheer depth of the characters. Then you have the legacy of the franchise, how immersed you were into the plot, the learning aspect (at the end). I used to have the comics, the toys, all that. When you look at the full scope, it really didn’t get any better than Yo Joe. And Snake Eyes was the real! They are actually coming out with a G.I. Joe Movie.


A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Alvin and the Chipmunks (they were like the Jodeci of our era…lol), Captain Caveman, Captain Caveman and Son, C.O.P.S., Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Dennis the Menace, Ducktales, Dungeons & Dragons (this almost made the list…remember they were riding the roller coaster, then got warped to that other world), Fat Albert, Flintstone Kids, Goof Troof (as you can see some of these shows are bleeding into my teen years), Gummi Bears, Heathcliff (first pimp in a cartoon), Hulk Hogan’s Rockin’ Wrestling, M.A.S.K., Mighty Mouse (my dude), Pac Man, Popeye (my other dude but his girl O was burnt), Pound Puppies, Richie Rich, Schoolhouse Rock, Scooby Doo, Scrappy Doo, Shazam! (what you know about that??), SheRa: Princess of Power, Shirt-Tales, Smurfs (say what you want, but everyone watched the Smurfs), Snorks, Strawberry Shortcake (shut up, you now you watched it!), Teddy Rupskin (what?), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Littles (yes I used to try to make the little inventions at the end of the show), The Super Friends Hour, Voltron (at one time would have made the list, but recently I watched it, and can’t believe how bad that joker actually sucked)


4 responses to “Top 10 Cartoons of All-Time

  1. I would say that Inspector Gadget is kind of low…maybe flip He-man and Superman and Friends….What about the newer Spiderman that was out…or TaleSpin and Rescue Rangers…Pinky and the Brain…Fat Albert has to make the Top 10…#1,2 and 3 can be intechangeable…

  2. Funny you say that. I actually had He-Man and Super Friends flipped, but recently I rented one of the old He-Mans for the boys and…well, I dunno if I am just older, but them Speedos were just so fruity I didn’t look at him the same. Like why dude gotta wear bikini bottoms with every outfit? And furthermore…why He-Man have a bob? lol. He just didn’t seem like the same beast he was when we were younger. Now you bring up a good point with the new Spiderman. That is for another post because that one came out in the early 90s. This list just 80s ones. And you know Pinky and the Brain was my stuff.

  3. Transformers was that show. I was the only girl on the block to have them, yeah I know I was a bit of a tomboy. My mom was so mad at Christmas when I asked for them. It was worse than getting a Cabbage Patch, she had to argue with a lady to get the one I really wanted.

    I have never heard of the Silverhawks though that’s a new one for me. The Littles (lol) that was a girlie show. You know that used to come on last year on (I wanna say) ABC on Sunday mornings. We would be almost late to church watching it. Yeah, we cuz I would be sitting there too. But you forgot Fraggle Rock, Ghostbusters, and Pacman.

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