My dude convinced me to write something today. I guess just as exercising strengthens your muscles, if I am to call myself a writer I should practice. Most of the time I just use this blog for therapy because I feel I have serious issues…lol.

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately because of work and other obligations. Last week I had to go to the store so I took 2 of my boys with me. Picked up some cheap sunglasses for coaching; or should I say I let my oldest son pick them out for me. Two days pass and my 4yr (who went with us and apparently overheard) came into the office with his little sunglasses, and said, “Daddy, I am going to wear these sunglasses so I can be a coach like you, and come to football practice.” Sometimes he says the cutest things. Just yesterday we were eating dinner, and my 1yr old grunted at me to get my attention. I look up and he has his arm extended, fist clinched. So I just look at him, and he grunts again (since he had a mouthful of food). I realize what he is doing, so give him dap…then he smiles. Apparently his brothers just taught him this. Little kids are comedy.

Aside from my kids, I really have no topic for today. Don’t really feel like diving into race issues right now, don’t feel like talking about football, and I am sleepy and ready to leave work. I could talk about my friend Will Wimpy (aka I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today). Let me tell you about this cupcake bandit. He from the city, and is real chill. Brotha educated (master’s), and street smart. So I am rappin with my dude in VA last night about 4am, and the conversation went a little something like this…

Me: “You know Will talked about joining our ff league, but when he tried to sign up, all of a sudden it was so difficult an he had problems. Like he just couldn’t figure it out.”

VA: “He hate to lose.”

Me: “Now let that be a vending machine, dude would have all the answers.”

VA: “Say he can figure out the most technical microwave, huh?”

Me: “He can program the hell out the joker. Only brotha I know who knows how to cook chicken in the microwave…fried.”

Sure W. Hunting will respond to this one. lol. Watch the Mexican jokes come flying my way. That’s just how we rag on each other. Will my dude though, but he has tendencies. He like a gentle giant (circumference wise), or like a nice thug. You know like how the Hamburglar used to steal, but you still liked him cause those cookies were so dag on good. He just a likable dude. He good peoples, and has a good (cholesterol filled) heart. One of the few dudes I really will consider like my brotha…from another mutha. The brother who would eat the last ho ho, ding dong, or any snack reserved for the entire household.


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