Top 10 Things that Annoy Me At work

I have to apologize in advance for not bringing a good one today. I have a ton of things I could do a Top 10 about, but today I am particularly annoyed (overworked), so I am going to just freestyle this joker. In the tradition of Top 10 Tuesdays, my list for Top 10 Things that Annoy Me At work…

10. FOOD:

(a) Potlucks – No one wants to taste your grandma’s recipe from the old country. Yuk! (b) The cafe – I worked at couple fortune 500 companies when I was 19 and got spoiled. The past couple places I have worked, food reminds me of those scenes from an 80s high school movie. Like the Teen Wolf cafeteria.


Why do people have to be all in your business when you request some time off?


Roaches, bugs, mice, all that stuff. Yes, our building is old and ignorant. Shouldn’t have to shake my bag in the garage prior to coming home from work. No telling what is all in the walls. They probably have prairie dogs, porcupines and everything else up in there.


This job is not my calling, rather a stepping stone. So I actually hate working. I am good at what I do, but it is not what I want to be doing at all.


My last couple jobs (different states) have both been downtown. I HATE working and parking downtown.


(a) When you are supposed to be at work at 8am, you get on the elevator at 8:05, and someone stops prior to your floor and gets on because they want to go get breakfast from the cafe. Like can’t you wait until 8:15, 8:30? (b) Getting on the elevator on floor 1 to go to floor 2 (c) being on a higher floor trying to leave for the day, and someone gets on each floor (d) Odor – whether that be breath, tail, or flowery perfume. I have a sensitive nose, (e) Attractive people. You have no place on the elevator and make average people feel uncomfortable. Just take the stairs.


(a) Racist, ignorant, dumb, rude people (all synonymous), (b) Chatty cathy’s who block the office door (aisle or cube) to talk your head off about something you could care less about (c) These people who make work their life, and try to cut you whenever possible (d) People who want to hang out after work hours (e) Nosy people who always try to look at your PC screen to see what you are doing (f) Whiny people…especially in mgmt. I can’t stand to hear a grown man cry. I have 4 boys that cry. I don’t expect to see grown men doing it. Man up!


These people who have lost complete control of things going on in their life, then come to work and feel the need to control something.


Can anyone ever truly pay you enough?


I swear I get so tired of hearing people who like to hear themselves talk. And who in their right mind came up with the concept for offsites? That is plum ridiculous. I don’t want to hear you in this building, so what makes you think I want to drive to the hotel or convention center to hear you there? I can’t tell you how many times I slipped my hand into my pocket to grab my personal phone, and speed dial my work cell (or txt my friends) so I get a ring and walk out.


Internet usage policies, dirty keyboards, running out of computer paper, running out of staples, people who steal your favorite pen, coffee, the bathrooms, HR, people who try to hold long coversations at the urinal or sink, people who know nothing about sports that talk about them constantly, jokes which aren’t funny whatsoever, fire drills (yes our stupid building still does em), folks who fear your potential, the fluctuating temperature, butt kissers, blocked sites at work, women who use profanity, stinky/funky people, not being able to get a cellular signal in my area, someone blasting their desk radio to a song/station you can’t stand, tattle tells (those people who sit and wait for you to slip to try to get you in trouble), upper upper management fluff talks where they attempt to keep you from quitting (aka blow smoke), traffic after you get off work, forgetting your flash drive at home

* Sorry, this is all I could come up with on the top of my head. If you have more, please feel free to add. BTW – you can click on any of the de-motivational posters to see the larger image.


7 responses to “Top 10 Things that Annoy Me At work

  1. I so feel you on #1 my and my girl used to make sure we were in on the planning so we knew who brought what and then told our friends what to and not to eat. There is nothing like chowing down on something that looked good and find a cat hair.

    #2-!0 had me on the floor, I thought I was the only one who thought like that. I have been off work since December and I start back on a new job in Sept so, I am looking forward (lol) to the office pet peeves.

  2. I think this may be your best top 10 list to date. I agree with all of those and i loved the honorable mentions.

  3. Can I be candid for a minute J…what annoys me the most is pointless a$$ emails. I can’t stand them.

  4. Oh yea, I hate emails too. I really hate emails AFTER the meeting summarizing what we just talked about for 2 hours. Or company spam emails about the picnic or blood drive. Or stupid people who call you RIGHT after you send an email, and recite (verbatim) what you said. They just wanted to talk.

  5. Good list, however you forgot the complaining co-worker. I just want to yell SHUT UP when start that crap.

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