Madden Craze

I almost feel like I am cheating my readers posting two blogs in one day. It is almost like putting the Big Mac and McDLT on sale at the same time. In any case, last night at midnight I went to pick up that Madden 09 (for my son of course…lol). I haven’t really played the game myself in years now, and it is amazing how many people were waiting in line. The Madden craze is so serious. Many locations had midnight sales, and were BBQ’ing, had pizza vendors, the whole nine. For those who don’t know, people take this Madden thing so serious. There is even a series on ESPN documenting Madden players on a tour bus going city to city playing others. It is this tournament where I believe the grand prize is $50K. Kids making a decent annual salary to play video games.

I would love to see a statistic of how many men call off work the next day after Madden calls out. All across America, grown men are effecting the economy taking off work to play a video game. So if your office is snaggle toothed today or tomorrow, you know why. I know two of my friends took off (one is even a mgr). Took off for their kids, or course. lol.

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