Funky Friday

This is going to be a schizophrenic post. I have been working like crazy this week, and haven’t had time to separate these into individual blogs, thus this may be a tad bit longer than blogs in the past and most likely will jump from one topic to the next. Hopefully there is enough to keep you entertained. If nothing, just look at the pictures (lol). This blog will be chucked full of links to sites and images, so whenever you see anything in bold (or slightly bold), you can click to redirect to that website, or hover over it for a preview. All the images embedded are also thumbnails, which means you can click to enlarge. Now for my new readers, you may be confused, so throughout I will put links to previous blogs to branch out like one of those Plasma light balls. Remember, I am an artist so I look at things differently. Just like my friend Will looks at food different…he is a sandwich artist. Anyways, let’s get started.

RANDOM – While looking for an image for this blog, I ran across this geek website where this kid actually has a plasma belt buckle. What else to say but wow. File this in that list of sites you plan on visiting when bored. It’s called

HTCPRO – I blogged about this sexy phone before [cellular virgin]. I really want this joker, but heard it would be around $700…which to me is just ridiculous for a phone. Engaget just put out an article on it [click here]

WORK – Ok, I wrote that top 10 about things that annoy me at work. I forgot one BIG one. When people come out the stall, and b-line straight for the door. Is that not the nastiest stuff ever? I actually started to write this post about this one annoying guy I work with, but felt it wasn’t very nice so I deleted it. When this kid started, some of the guys over at the helpdesk were talking about how firm his handshake was. In the back of my head I was thinking, “It’s probably because he has been toting all that gold around.” You see, he somewhat resembles a leprechaun. Poor thing. It’s your gold that I want! Lol. Another guy at work calls him Hellboy because his hair is red, and he has a bunch of freckles. Remember I am a visual type person, so every since he told me that, when this guy is at his computer, I just picture him trying to type and bashing the keyboard with that big ol hand. He is a nice kid though, so I won’t rag on him. I just wish he’d stop talking to me about gadgets that erase your memory and Stargate Atlantis. He is a sci-fi freak. I try to be nice to him though because Hellboy really is a nice person (notice me trying to buffer this post). Just imagine if he used that rock hand and backhanded that guy that walked out the stall without washing his hands? He could be like the bathroom door enforcer – thrashing those wipers who don’t wash. I’d probably hang out around the bathroom to see that happen a couple times.

GI JOE – I was one of those kids who grew up on GI JOE. I even rated it #1 on my top 10 cartoons of all time list. Well they are coming out with a movie for it. I visited a fansite [here] which had photos of the upcoming cast. How snake eyes (to the left) looks pretty sweet, I don’t know about the rest of the cast. I was speaking with a friend of mine, and he said, “J this movie has disappointment written all over it. Mainly because of the characters. Now if I had the no budget and could get anybody I wanted here is how it go: Cobra Commander – Johnny Depp (although my other choice would be Heath Ledger), Baroness – Angelina Jolie-Pitt (second choice would Catherine Zeta Jones), Duke – Matthew McConaughey ( think about him in Reign of Fire), Destro – Michael Clark Duncan, Scarlett/Covergirl – Scarlett Johansson or Charlize Theron, Doc – Morgan Freeman, Low Light – Christian Bale, Roadblock – Djimon Hounsou, Storm Shadow – Jet Li.” I think this brotha thought all this out, huh? I can’t call it. All I know is recently I have been having my sons watch the old show, so when the flick comes out I will most likely go see it. I am also going to see what I can do about getting my wife one of these costumes like Scarlett (to the right). Be in the bedroom like Yo Joe! Lol.

PHELPS – I am an avid sports fan. This Phelps is something else, for real. Kid is so so serious. I will admit I am not the most patriotic brotha on the planet, but come Olympic time I grit my teeth and become greedy and want us to win every single gold that exists. Even though I haven’t had time to watch much, I did catch those Olympic swimming boys beating France. Phelps alone is exciting to watch, but I was rollin watching the Frenchies stand around looking stunned after they lost that 4×100 after doing all that previous jabber-jawing. If you missed it, the last leg basically hawked this kid down from France. You can watch the clip on Classic! When I was a senior in high school, this school scheduled us for their homecoming. They beat us like stepchildren the previous before. Not making any excuses (lol) but it was cold, rainy, and a brisk wind whipped off that ol dirty river by our stadium. So this next year I guess they thought it would be a repeat, and we shocked them. I mean completely ruined their parade. I will never forget the look on the lil homecoming darlings face as she sat on the back of the convertible stunned they lost. When I watched the clip of these French guys standing around stunned, that was the first thing that came to mind. Nothing like coming back and whippin’ tail.

COOL – Well coming to a close here. I usually always have something cool to share with you guys on Fridays (last week was playdate). Ebony magazine is releasing – Black Cool: The 25 Coolest Brothers of all Time. The issues run $3.99 a piece and $3 for shippin. Offer expires August 30, 2008. To order click here.

I pray everyone who read this blog will have a safe, prosperous, and wonderful weekend!



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