Give God something to breathe on

I was born/raised in what we dub – tha city. Coming from that environment, you grow up around one million cats who have big dreams and don’t follow through on them. Everyone talks about what they are going to do, but never follow through on anything. I understand circumstances sometimes dictate how people react to certain situations. I know sometimes life throws things our way and we just toss our hands up and just say forget it. But like I told my wife, no matter how bad things seem, I just can’t quit because I wasn’t created to quit. I wasn’t created to be stagnate. We have a living, moving God…we weren’t made to be dormant and complacent.

I was praying this weekend about direction in a particular area, and started thinking about all the people who talk about their aspirations, and never follow through because they get tired of fighting (myself included). I picked up my Bible, and just happened to stumble upon this passage…

Proverbs 14:23 (NIV)
All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 14:23 (AMP)
In all labor there is profit, but idle talk leads only to poverty.

Of course you have to read it in context with the rest of the passage, but just taken literally it has such significance. I like the amplified version because it states “idle” talk. The definition of idle is habitually doing nothing or of no real worth, importance, or significance. I read somewhere that a habit, whether good or bad, can be broken or created in 3 weeks. Rereading this passage, I now understand that it goes beyond just talking; we have created an environment where we trained ourselves to live in self-pity and feel as if we have no worth. The thing is we just need revelation like the prodigal son. Many of you know the story (Luke 15:11-32), but my favorite part was when he received revelation. The Word said he came to himself. He basically realized who his father was, and that he didn’t have to continue living the way he was.

So science tells us the time frame for breaking/developing a habit, and the word teaches us how to form a relationship (thus putting us in position to receive revelation). Now we just have to be honest with ourselves and address our own issues. I personally think the most critical component is time. I thought about this seminar I went to years back when this guy stated the difference between wealthy people and people of a lower financial class is merely how they choose to spend their time. He went on to talk about how he doesn’t waste time watching television, and how he chooses to read the newspaper instead. Spoke of numerous things he did to stimulate his mind and maximize his time.

Time is so crucial (I cannot stress that enough). It is one of those things in life we can’t get back. How we choose to use it is so important. So while we sit here complaining about our situation, and why we can’t achieve the goals we set forth, first we must analyze how we spend our time. I have a challenge for you. Document one of your days in 30 minute increments. Do it on a spreadsheet, or even a piece of paper. Now analyze how you spend your time over a 24hr period of time. We always say we don’t have the time, but when we look at it analytically, are we honestly spending every minute wisely?

I am tired of people who talk…I am ready to be around people who do. I understand times are hard and it seems like there is no way to make our goals come to fruition (possession of), but if we stop being disobedient to what the Word says, then we will fall under the blessing and receive favor. Favor goes such a long way. It could put funding behind your vision. It could place the right person in your path with the right connection.

I have had an increase in visitors to this blog, and like I told my boy Juggernaut, my goal is to challenge my brothas to speak of His goodness and try to use this platform to encourage folks. So I have this challenge for you. I want to challenge you to prove God is real, and prayer works. My challenge to you is to give God something to breathe on. I think it is safe to say that we all have aspirations, dreams and goals. If God gave you a vision, I challenge you to take a step of faith this week. Whether that be registering a business name, writing out a business plan, doing additional research, making calls, taking steps to get into a home, taking steps to complete school or additional education, whatever it may be…do something to call your faith into action. The Bible tells us to write our vision (Hab 2:2), but we also know that faith without works is dead. Which means you can’t just sit on your hands (idle) and think an opportunity will just fall into your lap.

God’s word cannot come back void. Once He says it, it was, is and will be. What I am asking that you activate your faith regarding your vision, and if it is of God, I come into agreement with you that something manifest this week. When it does, all I ask you to do is to come back and leave a brief praise report. If it takes longer than a week, these blogs are archived so search for it, and still post something. Don’t let the adversary silence you! Let’s take advantage of the authority we have in the spiritual realm, and produce something tangible to show someone who may be straying the fence that it is beneficial to follow God.

Do you accept this challenge?


2 responses to “Give God something to breathe on

  1. J, I accept your challenge and you really don’t know me except for the friendly banter we have from time to time on the blogs. But I want you to know I appreciate the challenge. Like you said we know what God can do, we say we believe, let’s step out on faith and watch him work. He has been working some things out in my life and I have trusted him to take care of me and use me as a vessel for him. I will report back as time goes on about the things I want him to breathe on and right now I am just not sure what. I need to pray over what I need and put in the atmosphere and get back on this. Thanks

  2. Man I was on a call (at work) when I read this blog. It is so crazy because I was so captivated by your words. Maybe it was more like daydreaming over what I want to do to accept this challenge. I totally blew off the call and I really don’t have a clue what dude was saying. I was just reading and thinking all at the same time while getting chill bumps. You know where I stand as far as this…I too have been guilty of being stagnate and slow to react…including now. We (you and I) talk often about business ventures…about things we have been led to do by the Spirit, but it will never manifest if we don’t start sowing our time correctly. Not as we see, but how the Lord deems for us. We need to place ourselves in position to have an intimate relationship with Him first and foremost. How can we progress without listening…but in order to listen, you must know His voice. Example, I remember a time when I was younger, I was at K-Mart playing with the toys. It was some older man telling me to stop bouncing the ball. I paid him no mind because he wasn’t my father. Shortly after that, my daddy came around the corner and called my name….I instantly stopped…you know why…because I knew his voice. I know for me I am a difficult, prideful type of dude. Constantly stubbing my toes because I try to operate out of my own speed. I’m the type where I will get directions to assemble something and would rather put it together based off of the picture on front of the box, just to get it done faster…leaving excess parts everytime…opposed to reading the directions and taking just a little more time to get it right. I think that is where alot of our problems stem from. God gives us direction, but we want to place it together how we choose….to get it done faster…..the trick of the adversary is to keep us occupied with more things that don’t matter….that has no substance, opposed to do things in His will…the enemy is after our time. If he has our time, how do we have time for Him?

    Rome I accept your challenge!!

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