(my) TOP 10 Pet Peeves

Thanks for stopping by again for another Top 10 Tuesday. Today’s list was pretty much condensed. I could probably have a list that would shut down WordPress servers, but tried to keep it at 10. Therefore this week I won’t list any honorable mentions (for fear list could grow too large). I will most likely revisit this in the future and do a TOP 10 Pet Peeves Part II.


Ok, technically #10 is everything on my Top 10 Things That Annoy Me At Work list, but heck that list will probably never stop growing either and this is something that is currently bothering me – work passwords. I swear the past few places I have worked, these security geeks go so overboard. I work in IT, and understand protecting your network and valuable data, but come on. Most places you have to have 3-4 different passwords for various applications. I JUST changed my password 30 days ago because they increased it from 8 characters to 10. Now they increased it to 12. Heck, I am not an English major. I am running out of freaken word combinations to use.


I am a good sport, but truth be told I HATE to lose…in anything to be honest.


I know this is technically two different things, but they both bother me. I am in this microwave generation. I hate waiting for something to connect. Nothing worse than losing the wireless signal. Or how about when your computer is just acting stupid. You have uninstalled, defragged, and ran various utilities to improve performance and it still lags.


If I say I want my steak (burger or whatever) well done, that means I want that joker well done. That doesn’t mean I want a tinge of pink. That crap bothers me. People act like food can’t taste good unless it is dripping with blood and still twitching on your plate. That just shows a bad, lazy chef. Well-done doesn’t mean the meat has to be dry. If it is dry, that means it wasn’t cooked right. I was a a friends bday party about 5 years ago and his wife had their neighbors cater the dinner. They asked how I wanted my steak, and I said well done. I ended up making them take it back like 4 times. I almost told them to just lay it under the coals since they couldn’t figure it out. They told us (my wife and I) that we just had young taste buds that hadn’t matured yet. I guess my taste buds will just be in puberty for the rest of their lives then.


This really should be #1. The amount of mail I receive daily is unbelievable. I know people say just get a PO BOX, but you have to factor in gas. I have one for our business, and that alone is a few miles away. Can’t afford to drive to a PO BOX everyday. Not that much time available.


I must be getting old. I took my kids to the movie this weekend (which is a pet peeve itself). Let me pause and say I hate going to the movies. Prices are downright criminal. Purchased some sour skittles, sour patch, nerds and a SMALL water and it was $14.75. So we get in the movies, and it was so loud, I was just holding my head. This coming from a kid who used to have two Pioneer 3-way 6x9s and two 12in Rockford Fosgates pushed by a 200 watt Kenwood amp in a 2 seat Honda. I can’t take loud noise anymore.


It seems no matter what line I get in at the grocery store, it is ALWAYS the wrong one. Then I just have to watch as my bad decision allows someone who was behind me and switched an opportunity to leave the store 5 minutes before me. Heck, that 5 minutes adds up over time. Or I tell you another one that bothers me. You are standing in line about 2 people back, waiting forever as the person checking out acts like they didn’t know this was the time they should pull out their checkbook, and it takes them forever. So you decide to walk over to the self-checkout line which only has one person, then BAM. There is always a problem. Stupid thing froze because it thinks you didn’t put something in the cart, and the little superintendent has to come over there, insert a key then punch in a code so the person ahead of you can continue. You look back to the line you just left, and somehow the cashier got motivated and moved 8 more people past where you were standing through her line.


When I let people over in traffic, and they don’t give me a hands up to acknowledge my efforts….whooo. I should just let that go, but that is so inconsiderate and gets under my skin. I actually could spin this into a road rage peeve as people here drive like they are Rusty Wallace or something. They truly believe this is a race and do stupid things (e.g speed up when you put on your blinker to get over). The sheer ignorance of driving here is unbelievable, but I had to just list one so not waving is it. Sometimes I have visions of being a billionaire and just ramming people who do that to me (did I say that aloud). I joke with my wife that if I were that rich, I’d just build an Inspector Gadget car with a big ol spatula that would come out, and I could just plum flip people off the road. I just hate that entitled attitude. You know the kind where you wait to hold the door for someone, and they give you that look like, “That’s right, you better!”


Anything glued on such as DVD protective packaging, stickers on furniture, toys, games, appliances, equipment, automobiles (decals, bumper stickers, car dealership), tools, heck anything. I can’t begin to tell you how bad that irritates me, and I absolutely hate the sticky residue left behind. My wife gets on me all the time because if I see a sticker on something, I immediately start peeling it.


Yes, ignorance is my #1 pet peeve. It comes in all shapes, forms and sizes.


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