Race Relations 3

Let me start by saying I am not trying to offend anyone, but honestly if I do who cares. I love dogs, I really do. How I don’t currently own one, I have loved them growing up, had one myself, and gravitate to them when people have them around me. I understand emotional attachment, and how they become a part of your family. HOWEVER, I still have a problem with people placing animals and humans on the same level. A human life is more precious to me than a dog, I am sorry.

What sparked this was flipping through the stations this weekend. I saw some show coming out on National Geographic or something talking about what happened to Mike Vick’s dogs after the hearing. It is almost sickening to me how much attention got dedicated to this, and I am not trying to have yet ANOTHER argument about it. But when it all boils down to it, people from our community know that race played a part in that as well. We can try to sugar coat it as much as we want, but truth of the matter is you can’t afford to make any mistakes as a black man or you are done.

Now Brittany Spears on the other hand can show her ol nasty cookie getting out the car, go in and out of rehab numerous times, shave her head and act completely inappropriate, and even go against the judges orders, but still get her kids and society still forgives her. This is the same broad driving her car with a baby behind the wheel endangering a child, and we spend more time talking about Vick and some freaken crazy, vicious dogs. Come on now. She has another photo of her driving on the highway with her convertible and the car seat is facing the wrong way. So her constantly putting the kid at risk is ok, huh? This heifer still gets appearances, puts out albums, has commercials, and is even about to host gigs. She can just screw her life completely up and get chance after chance, but when we screw up??

Take a second and google Vick and see how ignorant people are. This is a man’s life, and everyone is a photoshop guru now. Half that crap is nowhere near funny. And while we are there let me pause for a second. I can’t locate the photo, but when this first came out I ran across these people who had their kids wearing these vick t-shirts. I can’t remember what all was on there, but something corny and ignorant. I want to just pause and say all those people having their kid wearing derogatory Vick shirts NEED A LIFE. Straight up. I am sure if we pulled the dirt out your closet, we couldn’t even put it on a t-shirt for fear you’d lose your job, marriage, get banned from the church and possibly be locked up yourself. Yes, he made a mistake, but why can’t society forgive him like they constantly keep forgiving little Mickey Mouse Club girl? Google – Brittany Spears out of car – and see what you come up with. Wasn’t she a role model too? Why isn’t she locked up?

I don’t have anything against BS. I don’t know her personally, or anything about her. She may be a sweet person down inside. Who’s to say? I am not trying to make this a bash against her. I am just bringing up a point that we (as a society) have a long way to go still. This is just pathetic. I don’t even know what else to say or how to end this blog.


One response to “Race Relations 3

  1. I agree with you. I am not saying M. Vick did not do anything wrong but it was over the top coverage on him. He got more coverage than the cops that killed Sean Bell and they shot him countless of times. Maybe it is me, a human life is more than ANY animal, PERIOD. I am not perfect but it is crazy what society place more value on. A human life is a human life regardless of race but a black person life is not value the same as its counterpart.
    If I am correct Rome, I think after constant appearances in court B.S. ex-husband K.F. got the kids. I do not know what messed her up but that stardom at a young age did not help. They bashed her but no where near as much as M.V. The bottomline is the placing field is not even.

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