Race Relations 4

I didn’t want to end Friday on a bitter race relations blog. I actually wrote that earlier this week, but forgot to post it. So let me just speak about Obama’s speech last night. Wow. That’s all I can say. The thing I like so much about him is he didn’t compromise who he was nor his roots. He is definitely a brotha, and doesn’t have to pretend to talk or be like someone he is not. I have the utmost respect for that.

Last night I made all my sons stay up to watch it. Well, I attempted anyways (3 fell asleep). I was trying to explain to my oldest the significance of what was going on, but he still really didn’t get it. I started to think about how powerful that was for my household (being we have all boys). How much weight they have against them from the jump being black men, and how there is always a cap. How we never dream too big because we have never seen it materialize in anyone who looks like us. I started to think about if BO becomes president, how it would affect the mindset of our youth as he would be like a father figure for a LOT of kids from single family homes. What better role model is the President of the United States?

I thought about how this society is, and how growing up in inner city schools the classroom walls were consumed with photos and facts about MLK and Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass. How they did this so we could understand we have to fight harder for things we want. It was basically our entrance to the real world as they tried to expose us to what we would be dealing with. Thought about how that would influence kids having Barack on that wall. Truth of the matter is we all want better education for our kids, so we put them in private schools, or in some cases the suburban schools (speaking from experience of my son’s school now). Problem with that is the education is leaps and bounds better, but there is no one to teach them of their culture. Minorities don’t get to learn or be exposed to their past, or their peoples contributions to this country. But if Barack were president, it would rip the fabric of some of these deep race issues we have as a country. I am not saying racism won’t cease (come on now), but what I am saying is that is something big for white people to say, “Hey, I don’t mind this brotha leading our country!” That is deep. Do you feel where I am going? It is still not the same as having a full on culture lesson, but I am looking at the larger scale and overall influence this man would have to our youth.

So I thought about all this stuff last night and became a tad bit emotional and felt my eyes about to well up. This man is so articulate, and his wife is just a beautiful spirit!! I love looking at their family, and this truly was a historic moment. I used to think that there was no way in the world a black man could become president, but I think America is just tired, and hurting…and I truly believe McCain has a closer race than he thinks. The entire speech I was joking with the mrs that McCain’s speech writer kept scribbling on paper, then just tearing it up and starting over because Barack was coming at them. I was loving it. Hillary didn’t do anything but make that brotha stronger taking him off track from the issues, but toe to toe, Barack is going to destroy McCain in debates.

I posed this question to some of my friends today. If he were to get the presidency, would you shed a tear? In my case (as you can see above) YES I would. I would cry for my grandparents who faced all types of racism growing up in the south. I’d cry for my mom who grew up as a little cashier girl that had to deal with people spitting in her hand when she tried to take their money. For so many generations our people have fought, so for those still alive to see this, I couldn’t remotely imagine how they must be feeling right now.


* The NY Times has trans scripts in case you missed it (click here).


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