Top 10 Doughnuts

I apologize because I barely had time to do a list this week. Therefore, I want to dedicate this Top 10 Tuesday to my brother from another mother – Will Hunting. I am sure he will respond to this list and tell me I got it all wrong…lol

10. Glazed cruller

These aren’t my favorite, but a nice changeup.

9. Cake doughnut –

Simple, yet effective. Good with tea.

8. Cinnamon twist –

What’s a doughnut if you can’t lick your fingers?

7. Blueberry glaze –

Just something about em.

6. Holes –

This is somewhat cheating to list, but I love those holes. One of life’s guilty pleasures as you subconsciously believe you aren’t eating that bad because it is a smaller portion.

5. Homemade –

If you haven’t had one, google some recipes. Nothing like hot, homemade doughnuts. Sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on them? Whew.

4. Dunkin’ sticks –

Does this count as a doughnut? I used to love these. Hostess had some called Dunkin’ Stix. As Bertha would say, I never could get enough.

3. Super Donuts –

Ok, don’t act like you don’t remember these jokers. Remember back in grade school you get one of these warm, and a little juice. Good times baby!

2. Apple fritter –

I mean does it get any better than these warm?

1. Krispy Creme original glaze –

Man, these jokers just melt in your mouth. Ridiculous. By far the champ.


One response to “Top 10 Doughnuts

  1. #1 and #3 are a close tie, really. I found the Supers at GFS and they are in my freezer at least once a month. They only last about a week cuz my kids eat them 2 at a time. Now, KC is a whole notha otha, I have seen people almost wreck when the KC light goes on. BTW, eeeewwwww gross on the Dunkin Sticks, straight grease with glaze on them, YUCK!!!

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