I stepped on a frog

How’s that for a title? Guess what? It is true.

We have a man-made lake across the street (keep that in mind). So this weekend, I have been trying to upgrade my cell to the 6.1 version of windows mobile (which I will share in a later post). I needed my USB cord out the car, so I slid on my slippers to go retrieve it. Since our garage is currently being organized/used for storage, our vehicles are parked in the driveway. Instead of opening the garage, I just walked around to the driveway. So I walk between the rides and I hear this crunch. I wondered what in the world that was, but just deducted it was probably something from me pulling weeds out the flower bed earlier that day. I open the passenger door, and there is a flash of light. I look down like “what is that?” Turn on the light inside the car and saw what resembled a frog all stretched out. Now keep in mind it was around 1am and dark, so I thought oh whatever…maybe I am just sleepy so I will check in the morning. It probably was nothing. But that crunch sound just sent that funny felling through my arm. Like dang homey…I crushed Kermit. Next morning mrs was going to the grocery store, so I walked her out just to see, and sure enough it was a frog. It had flipped over (in its normal position) and managed to hop at least one more time (lol…sorry, but that was funny as I typed). Had my son go out and get it, and he confirmed it was indeed dead.

I am sure someone at PETA is petitioning to get my blog removed, but I felt I should share this story. Why you ask? Well how often can someone say they played frogger…in real life??


One response to “I stepped on a frog

  1. Actually, I can say that I have played frogger in real life. I did this same thing one night last summer, and I was amazed the toad didn’t have better reactionary skills to avoid my big shoes. Nasty business, this walking around outside at night.

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