Penn State vs OSU ’98….(and an old Zack Dumas clip)

Ok, I am a PSU fan, so before I give credit to this hit, let me pause for a moment so Bucks can let this marinate…

I had to hear all these jokes about JoePa wearing diapers and having accidents. I can’t tell you how belligerent OSU fans are. When they won that championship vs Miami, my phone rang all night and answering machine was full of drunken retards. I will say this though. I like and repect Tressell, and that Pryor is nice. It is scary what OSU will do with that kid. I actually felt sorry for him…for 30 secs.

Ok, enough of that. My buddy Jug sent this YouTube link below last Friday. I told him I was going to post it, but only after the game this weekend (lol). I went to Ohio State and am not a Buck fan, but my goodness you have to give respect to this hit. This is #21 Zack Dumas in 1989. I guarantee you will replay it more than once. Make sure to check out the Reggie Bush one too. Wow!


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