Baby Gangsta Tiger

This blog is about my baby boy. Why the title? No particular reason. Maybe because of how he maws his brothers. Or maybe it was me listening to Katt Williams gangsta tiger skit (parental discretion advised).

Anywho…had the day off work today. Woke up and got groceries around 5am, then came back to rest. Had a nice session with my lady (one of those ones where you get sweat inside your ear), then decided to rinse off. I started thinking about this co-worker I knew in Ohio who used to talk about her husband taking baths with her little tigertubboy. As many kids as I have, that never really crossed my mind because…ugh. lol. But heck, we have a nice size tub and my babyboy got me wrapped around his finger, so thought I would just try. I sat in there for a while just relaxing. After all, how often does a brotha have 5 mins to even relax and take a bath. As I sat there chillin, I thought about my dude talking about his son and this floating story (don’t ask). A few mins later little man walked in, so I picked him up and sat him in there with me. He took a cup and kept pouring water on me (I guess he thought it was funny). Couldn’t have been more than 60 secs later it happened…a little pure stream came out. I couldn’t do nothing but laugh. It is like soon as his feet touch water, it is a piss button or something.


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