It’s jingling baby!

Figured that would be an appropriate title for the season. You know when I started this blog, I planned on sharing life from a married man’s perspective. A Christian man…although you may not be able to tell sometimes by my comments. Hey, I am human…I have mood swings and emotions. But more importantly, I am real. I know there is a great responsibility to watch your words, so I promise in the months to come things will be cleaned up. That being said, I am still the same ol goofy guy.

Yesterday I was cutting my son’s hair. It is like a barbershop up in there with all those heads. I mean literally, my clippers run hot by the time I am jakethrough. I usually turn on Pandora and crank the speakers on my computer in my study; which is adjacent to the bathroom where I clean them up. I have several Pandora stations, but this particular one is set to play songs from the 90s, so it provides a nostalgic, authentic barbershop feel (hence the Jingling Baby title). I am old school and use Andis Master, Andis T-Outliner and a straight razor. Yes, I am for real. Sometimes I get in the zone and almost feel like Denzel off Training Day – “I am precise with this ___ Jake!” It is time consuming, but I have learned to just enjoy the time I spend with them. It is so crazy how different my boys are. Aside from the different textures of hair…which is slightly different, but not enough to warrant a paternity test (lol). Just kidding…I branded all my boys with features. Anyways, aside from hair, their personalities are so different. They are these little complex creatures with their own opinions, emotions and interpretations. I engage in conversation with my offspring and it amazes me to see their growth. Conversations range from food they ate, to fight they got into with each other.

After I finished the 2 & 3, I went into my kids playroom and plopped down on the couch to take a break. My oldest was in there frustrated while doing his homework. As we chatted, it just hit me. Wow…I am actually a father. I think because I am a lighthearted person and I like to laugh, sometimes I don’t even realize the authority I have. The presence I have in my household, and how it affects my wife and children. How my voice commands respect. How they ALL look up to me for approval. I started to think about how important a father is in the household, and how it parallels our relationship (or lack thereof) with our Heavenly Father. Just think about how being detached from your father brings about dysfunction in your life. How a lack of communication distances you from your father and how, regardless of if we want to admit it or not, we NEED our father’s approval. Those of us with the biggest deadbeat of the millennium can still be influenced by their words. That being said, I reflect on some of the dysfunction in my life, and have to think…is it because I have distanced myself from my spiritual father? Did I get mad because he left me instructions, and I am just rebellious and want to do my own thing? Is it because I am doing things that I know He doesn’t approve of? Is it because I am not communicating (prayer) with Him regularly?

I don’t preach religion (ever). But what I will say is you owe it to yourself to at least try to form a relationship with God. I understand people are hurting choicesand have questions. Some things don’t make sense, and don’t understand why bother…but I want to offer a non-theological take. This is just pure logic. If I am wrong for following God, what will I lose? If there is no God, what would I lose other than living a life of integrity while on this earth? But if there IS a God, what would you lose (eternally) by not following Him? Your choice.


One response to “It’s jingling baby!

  1. Man..I needed to hear those words. I just told my two crumb-snatchers last night that things in our household is about to change. Every weekend they bounce like Spaulding, but we will start spending time together on the weekends b/c the weekdays are hard with work and school…blah blah….

    I needed that bruh…real talk

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