The Good Wife’s Guide

I had a co-worker tell me he posted this on his fridge and told his wife, “Look, this is how this household is about to be run!” Of course it was a joke, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts. This article has been circulating around the net for some time now and there have been debates to its authenticity. There have been many women offended by this because of the chauvinistic tone, and there have even been responses (e.g. Yvonne.)

Regardless, I am curious to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with some of the things said?


(click image to enlarge)


One response to “The Good Wife’s Guide

  1. Of course, I am not offended by it but I could see how a woman could be. Do I agree with it? Not in this day and age but if someone ran their household like that and it is right for them then I don’t see nothing wrong with it. It would not work in my household though. Some of those things should be done by both parties (husband & wife) and whoever has the time need to just assume some of those responsiblities. I just do not agree with them all being delegated to the woman but once again, if it works for some families then it should not be a problem. Just like you Rome I worked with plenty of Indian people so I am familiar with arrange marriages. Actually, their divorce rate is extremely low and rare. Anyway, that is there custom and I do not fully understand everything but it works for them. The same applies here to me.

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