Top 10 Male Pet Peeves

Welcome to Top 10 Tuesdays! We experienced a brief hiatus due to DOAMYC, but we’re back.

A while ago I listed my Top 10 Pet Peeves. Well, due to excessive ba’ness in the nbanworld, I decided to create a male version. I bring you, my Top 10 Male Pet Peeves…coming from a man. And to be honest these really aren’t in order because (depending on the day) they all irritate me just the same. I am sure something on this list will probably offend someone, but hey blogs are ways for us to voice our own opinion. If you know someone who falls somewhere on this list, buy them a Puffy T-Shirt.


10. Sugar Water
Oh, this one gets to me. This is not so much a hater comment, but a envious one. I can’t stand when I see dudes who have a crazy physique (height, weight, muscle mass), but have absolutely no interest in sports. What the hell man? There is this guy I know (lol for those who know who I am talking about) who lifts weights religiously. He is every bit of 6’5, can press over 400lbs, curls with 100lbs dumbbells, and is lightening fast. This fool looks like an athlete, but has never played any sport in his life, nor does he have any interest in any. No football, basketball, nothing. His father told me growing up the other kids in the neighborhood would be playing football, and he’d be in the back yard with a library book teaching himself how to do back flips and tumbles. No comment.


9. Pressuretards
I hate dudes trying to get you to do stupid stuff because they stupid. Like sleep with an ugly girl because they sleeping with an ugly girl, or go get drunk and do something dumb. Then want to get mad when you tell them no. They are what I called pressuretards…(peerpressure + retards = pressuretards). Yea, I tend to make up words. Keep up.


8. pH Imbalance
Secret deodorant prides itself with stating it is strong enough for a man, but pH balanced for a woman. I think oftentimes men do some things which should be reserved for females. I don’t have one thing in particular, but there are a few such as men with perms and guys who wear chokers (to name a few). No disrespect to Katt Williams, Snoop or any of them. I am sure there are some hard cats out there with perms, but personally that annoys me. Here we are trying to teach men to be men. To act like men, to treat women right, to go out and fight for our family and bring home the bacon, to look like men, to carry ourselves like men…then we turn around and have guys who are using Soft and Beautiful. When it is all said and done, you do you. I am not a hater by any means, but I just don’t believe in that. I have a serious problem with this feminine wave (imbalance) going through men. Think about how men carried themselves in our grandfathers era compared to this current generation. Now we have men going to salons to get manicures and pedicures. Like I said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying groomed and clean, but when you start to hog the mirror and stay in that joker longer than your woman does, then that is a problem. Seems like we are switching roles. I think a lot of this came about because men weren’t being men in raising their kids, therefore boys grew up and took on some of the tendencies and attributes of their single mothers. Not only that, then you have the mothers who did things to ‘pretty’ their little toddler boys up (e.g. long hair, ears pierced). No disrespect intended, but I came from a single fam home, and it is what it is. You do you, just my personal peeve.


7. Porcelain PP
I hate when there are several urinals available, and a guy walks into a stall and shuts the door to do #1. I don’t know why that bothers me, but it is just stupid. Maybe they sit down when they pee?


6. Illegal (social) immigrants
Not only is my body a temple, but it is its own country with a border. There is a lot of illegal (social) immigration that takes place, therefore I feel it is my obligation to secure my borders by reinforcing my country’s regulations and immigration laws. Simply put I have a little bubble radius where I don’t like people invading my intimate space. It is really bad when it comes to dudes. One thing to give a one-armed masculine hug, but regular conversation I don’t need you all up in my face. Like Onyx, backthewhat up. Only dudes I let get that close while talking is my sons, and even then I have to stiff arm them at times.


5. Liar, Liar (haters)
When I say liar, I mean liar in the hater form. My definition of a hater is another male so jealous of you and what you have that he will LIE on you, or do something malicious as retribution.


4. Gossipers (haters)
This is another hater category, but different from lying. This is when guys break the code, and runs back and tell someone else (usually a female) so that the situation benefits them. A guy who basically uses confidential information told in a session with his homeys, and breaks the code to go run his trap.


3. Concert Singers
I was watching this Janet concert, and this dude was crying like a teen girl at a New Edition concert. What? Watched another one with Beyonce, and this dude was pushing chicks back so he could be up front. Now ordinarily that wouldn’t be a problem…that was until he started bouncing up and down singing the lyrics to her song. Naw dawg. Be different if he was dude on stage (like the image above), but he was bouncing up and down singing – Independent Woman.


2. Ike’s
Trust me, I understand some women are crazy. I have had a few bouts with some in my younger years. But no matter how Thin Line Between Love & Hate she is, it doesn’t give a man the right to close fist punch a woman. If a situation is getting that bad, leave. I know I have a bad temper and will admit to grabbing an arm tightly in frustration (lol), but I just can’t see…even at my maddest state in life…how anyone could close fist Annie Mae a woman. And going further, these dudes who do it on a regular basis because they too much of a punk to hit a real man? Sit there and beat on a woman, but want to be timid in the presence of men? If you have a second, check the statistics of battered women (click here). It says 3.9 million women are physically abused by their partners, and every 9 secs a woman is physically abused by her husband. Unbelievable. I refuse to believe all the real men are extinct, but numbers don’t lie. Real men are declining. These guys who beat women are sick and really need some help. I believe they are crying for a positive male influence (father figure). Fellas if you know your friend is doing wrong, it is your responsibility as a man to confront him (in love). Will the real men please stand up?


1. Whiny bastards
Nothing bothers me more than a grown-a man whining and crying about something. I got kids that cry at home, I don’t expect to see that outside of them.


4 responses to “Top 10 Male Pet Peeves

  1. aww man…i have a lot to say about this one…mainly #’s 1,2,3…hell all of ’em…i’ll comment in a sec…lol

  2. Man, you are on the money with 8, 6 (my fav) and 1. #6…I know a guy (married) who has no sense of personal space. I could take a step back and he would step forward. If I can feel your breath on my face you are tooooo DAMN close.

  3. man rome…i cannot stand a gossiping ass dude…that ish is super fruity…or a man that does not “man-up” and rather take the back channels to deal with another man…bruh speak your mind to me…stop with that soft sugary ish…i call them marshmellow dudes…soft on the inside and out…

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