Top 10 Christmas Presents (I wanted and never got as as kid)

Welcome back to Top 10 Tuesdays. I know that it grammatically correct to say ‘received’ but I like how ‘got’ sounds better. I present to you My Top 10 Christmas Presents I wanted and never got as as kid. I am sure I am missing quite a few toys, so feel free to add.

10. Teddy Ruxpin
Ok, shut ya mouth. Yes, I always wanted one. What?


9. Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)
I had quite a few GI Joes from Snake Eyes to Road Block…but I never got Cobra Commander. My friend had both…this one, and the one with the cloth helmet. It wasn’t so much price, just availability. Which makes it even worse I never got it. I wanted Destro too. First toy with a platinum grill.


8. Crosman 788 BB Scout
Guess I had a small fascination with guns. I had a cap gun, but of course as a kid you want that next level. My father bought my mom a metal Crosman BB gun. That joker was so slick, but looked JUST like a 9MM. My mom be sleep, I be in the back yard like Hunter and DD McCall. lol. Thing is I always wanted one myself. One of those rifles. Of course mom dukes was not having that. When I got a little older my friends and I would have battles with BB guns (similar to how they do with paint balls). Yea, we were crazy, and those joker hurt. We could have literally put an eye out.


7. Commodore 64
I had an old Apple IIe computer with a green screen and no games. When those 64s came out, I thought they were so dang sweet.


6. Construx
I loved anything you could build.


5. Domino Rally
I was a geeky little kid, and I used to think those dominos looked so cool.


4. Entertech Water Guns
entertech1 entertech2
I don’t know if you guys remember these or not. They were these water guns that looked so real, but had batteries in them. Yea, my mother was not having that…especially with how cops did us in the inner city.


3. Toy Train
Once again the geek growing up watching Silver Spoons thought it would be so slick to have my own train through the house. When I realized that was out of reach, then I wanted a toy train. Of course Santa never brought it. Hater.


2. Optimus Prime (Transformers)
This is another like GI Joe. I had quite a few Transformers, but never got OP. OP was the OG of Transformers. I feel robbed. I should go on ebay right now and buy one.


1. Castle Greyskull (He-Man)
Yes, this was the wet dream for all boys my age. Unfortunately it stayed just that… a wet dream. In retrospect it looks like crap and He-Man characters look extremely gay, but back then that was it.


Lego Airport, Hot Wheels City, Car Wash, Playdoh Fun Factory, MASK, M.U.S.C.L.E., Zaks, Nintendo Robot (I don’t even remember that joker being released)

lego_airport hotwc pd_fun_fac mask muscle zaks rob1

Just because you guys have been so dedicated, I have a treat for you. Do you remember these Garbage Pail Kids? I found this site where this guy has every last one. Granted your PC will freeze for a few mins (depending on connection), but if you want to see them all click here. In the meantime, here were a couple I had…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 81

Or how about these. Remember these catalogs we used to get where you could order ninja stars and whatnot?

catalog1 catalog2 star

* If you get a chance, click on this guys blog. He describes the top 10 toys of the 80s that didn’t kill us, but made us stronger. lol.


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