PSU Loss / Fat Cheerleaders

I am a Penn State fan so I am watching this Rose Bowl game versus USC and am quite upset. I can’t stand Pete Carroll and his arrogance…however I can respect his playcalling and ability to make adjustments. What can I say, we just got outright spanked. I am a resident of TX but an OH native. Of course I’ve been bragging about how we ‘yankees’ play football, but I have had little ground to stand on lately as the Big10 has sucked uranus this year big time.

Not only did our team get spanked, but PSU’s cheerleaders didn’t necessarily match up well to USC’s cheerleaders either. Let’s just say ours look like they been drinking unfiltered pond water. Ok, maybe that wasn’t nice, but it was not just me. COED MAG did a poll and 81% stated USC cheerleaders were better (male cheerleader fans will definitely want to check that site out).

Speaking of cheerleading, what is up with fat cheerleaders and drill team members? I mean what the hell man? In my day it was ok to discriminate to get the cute girls on the team. Now I guess they just let anybody come out for the squad. When I say fat I don’t necessarily mean Klump’s obese, but watching / attending athletic games over this past decade I have noticed there are quite a few cheerleaders that look out of shape and have unsightly rolls; especially at younger levels. I mean these kids aren’t even old enough to buy alcohol and they have love handles oozing out their uniforms. My 10 yr old neice has some girls on her cheerleading squad that look puffy like those Pillsbury Grands Biscuits. I just don’t get it. They act as if they aren’t required to do crunches anymore. BRING PE BACK!

Maybe I am just venting because we lost.

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2 responses to “PSU Loss / Fat Cheerleaders

  1. I’ve never seen any fat cheerleaders, at least at the high school level. Prove it. I tried to find any pictures that validate your point, but there weren’t any.

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