my newest obsession – BLACK BOXERS

As a guy we always go through these phases with our boy toys. For me (for years) it has been electronic gadgets. I still want a new digi-camcorder along with 55′ plasma, but as of recently I have a new desire. I want a black boxer. I only had one dog growing up which was a german shep / collie mix. I loved that mutt, and when she died my mom was so hurt she vowed to never get a pet again. My dude ALL CAPS has…heck I don’t know what that lil heifer is. She is cute though, and it is funny how I tease him about her and how sensitive he gets (I still got some dogs that want to get on when you come to visit Dew).

Lately I have been fascinated with Boxers. I been looking into them for quite some time, but since my bro-in-law bought one my interest has once again been sparked. I have a friend back in OH who bought two boxers from the pound, and have another friend (PC geek) who has had one for years. My old-co-worker had a couple mini boxers. Every person who has one says the same thing about them. How they are such good dogs, so smart, etc etc. The thing is I am so fickle and I know exactly what I want. I don’t want the ears cut (like the floppy look) but I want the tail cut. I also want a black one with white paws similar to this…

black_boxer black_boxer2
(photos taken from

Man those are some pretty dogs!! Maybe someone reading this post will be inspired by something I’ve written and give us one as a gift. Hey, I can dream. lol.


4 responses to “my newest obsession – BLACK BOXERS

  1. I have a champion black boxer and he is definately a beauty. He has a crest on his chest that makes him look like a super hero and white paws and feet. Smart, funny, loving, energetic and just special in every way. Don’t wait…if you can get one!

  2. I have had a black boxer (reverse brindle) for about a year and a half, got her as a pup. I have had many dogs in my life. This was my first boxer. Not sure about how smart they are but, without a doubt, the most fun and energetic dog ever. Super personality, very loving and obedient, and great with small kids and other dogs. I would highly recommend a Boxer to anyone looking for a medium-large breed.

  3. I definitely want one. My wife states we have to get these babies out of diapers first. My brother-in-law has one, and every owner tells me they’re awesome dogs.

  4. I have a black boxer puppy and she is the best little dog ever and beautiful …..the bigger she gets the more beautiful she gets …..definatly would suggest getting one

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