touched her soul (without sex)

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7 responses to “touched her soul (without sex)

  1. I never saw this movie, but I think I will add this to my weekend plans. I agree, people have no clue on what love truly is because they always hop straight in the sack. I would prefer to be stimulated mentally more than anything else. Arguing over a man is the most foolish thing ever. People do it but they just dont get it. Good movie review. I will let you know what I think after I watch it.

  2. I love the Notebook…and Rome you hit the nail on the head. When two are equally yoked on a level much higher than sex…whew…

  3. I can honestly understand but lets be realistic about it. You know you, well let me rephrase that, we use to be on some other stuff too. I do not know how old those brothers (if that’s what they were) or sisters are but when we were young we were straight trippin. I am not saying age have everything to do with it but it plays apart in addition to environment or your family structure. This generation or even ours wamt everything fast. That is from food, internet services…etc. I am not saying they didn’t want it back in the day but they did not grow up in the technology age that we did or currently living. I am not sure when a man (or woman) put away those silly ways but it must happen. It just had to be the Lord doing for me (I still have many issues) and my hunger and thirst for a different lifestyle. I got to see the Notebook.

  4. That’s a cop out for chivalry. That is just like our generation to make an excuse for why we aren’t doing something. If anything now with these advances in technology men should be more creative.

    I agree this generation is impatient, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change. People just don’t want to. It is more convenient to just conform and jump into instant situations with gratification versus trying to get to know someone and forming a relationship & friendship first. I was just talking to Dew about that this morning. It is crazy people sleep together without knowing each others last names, nothing about their family, history, none of that. People going raw without even knowing where the other person lives. How much sense does that make? That’s just plain dumb.

    You have to watch the movie though. I am sure you will find a reason not to like it because you like to argue (lol), but put the kids to bed and watch it with the mrs. In the flick, of course he was physically attracted to her, but my point was he attempted to discover who she was as a person, and what her likes/dislikes were. It was not about sex with him, but he wanted to please her in every way. That is the formula I was talking about in the blog when I said he reached in and grabbed a hold on to her soul. He pricked her heart and it was never the same. I won’t tell you too much, but the love he had for this girl was unbelievable when you see the sacrifices he made (especially later on). That was pure unconditional love.

  5. will shut up man…hahaha…you rambling now…naw just kidding…real talk though…it is a really good flick…check it out

  6. I am going to watch it next Wednesday with Tee and I will tell you what I think. Rome that is funny…because I want to argue. You sound like Tee…LOL. I got your point before I made the statement though…LOL.

  7. Well JM, I wonder what Tee and Will thought about the movie?
    I sometimes wonder why it is that we lil older guys get truly touched by movies like this. Ummm I think if you have a heart you can’t help but (My Words) “Puddle Up”.
    It appears one craves these days for true love but never finds it… way to much based on sex.
    At any rate this movie truly depicts REAL LOVE in the purest form.


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