Time (project) Management

I spent a good part of the day jamming our paper shredder at work as I refilled my Day Planner. I thought about how I would utilize it better in 2009. As I was discarding old info, a friend and I got into a discussion about time. I was basically sharing my viewpoints (similar to those I wrote in the blog about ROI of time). He was telling me how much money Bill Gates would lose if he dropped some money and took the time to pick it up. I Google’d this, and located an article entitled – Bill Gates Wealth Index. In this brief excerpt from the article, you can see the concept my friend was trying to tell me:

Consider that he made this money in the 25 years or so since Microsoft was founded in 1975. If you presume that he has worked 14 hours a day on every business day of the year since then, that means he’s been making money at a staggering million dollars per hour, around $300 per second. Which means that if, on his way into the office, should he see or drop a $1000 bill on the ground, it’s just not worth his time to bend over and pick it up. He would make more just heading off to work.

In my ongoing efforts to achieve world domination, I have discovered the part of my brain designated to organization needs therapy all by itself. Between employment, continuing pinkbraineducation, coaching, managing a household of 5 people (and one on the way), writing, working/managing my own LLC, assisting my wife with her/our NPO….time allocation is important. I have always been a person to perform well under pressure, however it seems as if I have so much on my plate I can’t find a way to manage my time wisely. Sometimes I will literally have 25 things to do, and be so overwhelmed I may just sit there and surf through Facebook or read articles on ESPN. It is like my brain will shut down and I will sit there and just waste time. Or other times I will come home, and since I work in IT (in front of a PC all day), I don’t even remotely want to look at my home computer.

So this blog is more so a plea for assistance. I have a really nice Day Planner, but I think software would be a better option for me. I need a big visual reference of what I have to do, what has been done thus far, etc. I also need brain_writethe ability to set deadlines and share them with my employees. I am looking for some good (preferably free) project/time management software. I have MS Office Project 2003, but that program seems like it is more of a hassle than anything. We use it at work frequently, but I don’t know how to incorporate that into my daily life. I have Google’d this several times, and recently have found a wave of online PM utilities. I don’t know if I can open my mind to that. On one hand you have the flexibility to adjust it on the go (e.g. work, on the road, via cell phone, etc.). On the other hand you have personal info which I can’t figure out if I necessarily feel comfortable putting that information on the net (an example would be huddle.net).

Any suggestions I’d appreciate it. Be blessed!



One response to “Time (project) Management

  1. Checkout DeskAway! Its a very good web-based project management & collaboration software which is very easy to use. You can upload/share documents & also assign tasks to team members with deadlines. Also it has the social collaboration features wherein you can share your profile & photo with your team.


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