Youth Prison Yard

fightnight2This weekend my son asked if I could spare some time from my work and come in his room and play a game with him. The way he asked was so cute I had to make the time, but I knew he had a motive and had apparently been practicing. Soon as I walk into his room, he already had the game loaded (Fight Night 2) with his little boxer he created waiting. I noticed he already chose my fighter, which was this boxer I created years ago when this game came out just being silly. His was quick, strong and young. Mine was like 44 yrs old and slow as molasses (see my excuses starting). We started playing, and my son was whipping my tail so bad I think that I actually got mad for a second. I had to calm down and just laugh it off, but they ganged up on me. It was like I was in that movie penitentiary or something as it felt like a prison fight. One son was by the door blocking the entrance, one was swinging from the tri-bunk bed, the 2yr old was throwing these thick azz Fisher-Price Pop Ons blocks at everyone’s head, and the oldest was sitting on the bed with me as they all laughed hysterically at daddy anticipating a KO. They might as well started burning paper and throwing it from the top bunk as them ganged up on me looked like a prison riot. Call myself gaining redemption and playing him in Madden…only to lose again. That is sad. My generation ushered in video games, and now I am getting thumped by a 9yr old.


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