MJ’s influence…

This blog is more of my creative (crazy) side. I love music & art. How I can’t dance (personal joke) I love watching people who can. Today that song Touch was in my head. I like this video because it has that MJ “The Way You Make Me Feel” type vibe. Getting nostalgic I then looked up that video. How could you not like Mike? I mean after all, he taught all us young men how to effectively stalk women. I thought of others influenced by MJ (too many to name) and thought of Chris Brown.  I argue with my buddies about him vs Usher, and in my opinion there is no comparison. Usher has longevity, but pound for pound please. Chris has better vocal ability, he is more athletic, and his dancing ability kills Usher. He can tap dance, break dance, krump, salsa, step….he is so versatile. I bring you three videos – MJ, Omarion and a Chris Brown performance.


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