what do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you ever sit and wonder what it would be like to take a completely different career path? You ever get to the point where you could see yourself happy in several different job scenarios…all different from your current situation? Some of you may actually like your job. I am just speaking to those people who feel like the CareerBuilder commercial (below).

I had a conversation with my friend from India today, and we discussed US schools versus the ones in his home country. He was telling me how they weren’t allowed to use calculators until high levels of math, how they were taught programming/computing concepts in grade school, and how 5th grade math over there was equivalent to freshman math in college here.

I am fascinated by the way they cultivate their students at an early age by educating them in science, math & computers. They definitely have a blueprint that is working as they come over in droves to the US and accumulate wealth. In my friends situation, his family is close knit and they do a good job circulating (recycling) money. The only downside is it seems his parents have a lot of say regarding the direction of his life.  It is a catch 22 where you have financial stability and room for growth, yet you still have a dependency (loyalty) to the family so in essence you don’t necessarily have the same freedom as others to do what you want.

All that to say…

What if you had another chance with no restraints? If you had the same optimism as a young child and believed you can do/be anything you want, what would your ideal job be right now?


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