mentally strange people (read the signs)

I am starting to realize that I am not the only unbalanced person on this earth. I think many people around us are mentally strange, but we just don’t take the time to read the signs. Take yesterday for instance. It was my sons fifth birthday and I had to retrieve some money from the ATM. Let me paint this picture. This bank we use has a row of lines. The first being the ATM, with seven others dedicated to drive-thru telling. It is one of the older built ones where you drive around behind the bank and the lanes face the drive-thru teller window. Like you can freakishly stare face to face with them while doing your transaction.

rifleSo we pull up and we see this guy standing OUTSIDE of his truck with the door closed leaning down yelling into the machine that you use to talk and send transactions. It was wild because he was literally 20ft from the window but refused to look at the poor little bank tellers, rather take out his frustration on this piece of machinery (which I still have an urge to send a roll of coins through). Now me having a bad day and being ignorant cracked my wife’s window so I could hear. Of course she went off on me telling me I would antagonize him and he didn’t need anything else to set him off. I was in one of my iwishamuthabruthawould modes, but she was right. He did look like he hunted possums as a hobby. I made sure I retrieved our money and exited promptly as I heard the man scream about overdraft charges making his account negative -$105 while he punched the hood of his truck. My lady joked about how the tellers need bullet proof glass, but seeing his anger shortened our humor and we got up out of there before we ended up on the news. His NSF fees compiled with our family driving by…reminding him that we do indeed have a Black president…probably would be enough to set him off.

Now not to stereotype but he wore a dusty baseball cap, appeared to be recovering from a mullet and drove a rusty pick-up truck. That doesn’t mean he had a rifle in the flat bed, I am just saying…sometimes you have to read the signs. You ever watch the evening news and they show a guy who was friend of the family or a babysitter and they were shocked to discover he been molesting the kids? You sit there thinking to yourself, “Well hell look at him? You can tell something ain’t right with him with just one glance!” You have to read the signs.

broken_heart-1823But reading the signs goes beyond physical, perverted crazy. Some of us need to read the signs when it comes to relationships. Let’s dig deeper and travel beyond crazy crazy and dive into revenge crazy. They did a special on TV the other day about there being a growing trend of Valentine’s Day Revenge. Flower shops talked about how many people ordered black roses to send to ex’s. That one didn’t really shock me because people are simple, but this one was the kicker. The story went on to say there has been a record number of requests for papers to be served (divorce) on V-Day. When you think about that for a second, it is not funny, yet somehow hilarious and mildly entertaining. How hurt do you have to be…how dark does your heart have to be…how bad did you get played…to be that vengeful you will wait and specifically do it on Valentine’s Day? Talk about somebody who is bitter and needs to let go. But I am sure that person read the signs early in the relationship and just chose to ignore so they could continue on their self-gratifying agenda.

One more revenge story for the day. True story that happened here TX. If you want additional details, you can go to A guy was turned down (repeatedly) by a co-worker for a date, so he posted a fake ad on Craig’s List under the ‘Women Seeking Men’ section and used photos from her MySpace page. He goes on to tell potential dates that she would – moan like Shamu. She didn’t know what was going on so called the police after receiving 150 text messages and 50 phone calls. This one left the Brain with no comment.

Everybody has lost their minds. I am starting to feel I am a salted cashew in a jar full of roasted nuts!


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