motion sensor lights

dark_brI am at work today, and as I open the door to the men’s room I notice the lights were off. Thinking nothing of it, I search for the light switch for 10 secs, then exit and head for the restroom at the other end of the hall. Hours pass and still this didn’t cross my mind (because I have just been using the other bathroom all day).

Near the end of the day, a friend or mine walks around the corner all frantic. Immediately he states, “Man, you need to start answering your phone!!” We go into a dialogue about my cell number changing, etc. So he tells me, “Buddy, do you know they installed motion censor lights in the bathroom?” I now get the light bulb over my head (or so I think), and respond telling him how I wondered why it was so dark in there earlier. He proceeds to tell me how it is messed up for people in a stall when the lights cut off. Still stuck in blonde mode at this moment and not getting it…then it clicks, “Oh duh, you were calling me for help?”

Of course I burst into laughter at this point thinking about him stuck in there…pitch black…praying somebody would come walk in. Guess he had to prop his phone and wipe via cell phone light. This is one of those times one of my many quirks (never doing #2 in public) comes in handy.  See if he followed my rules, he wouldn’t have been left in the dark. Pun intended.


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