I just don’t care!

Everybody has ripped tags off mattresses, driven at least once without auto insurance, and let one rip in the freezer section at the grocery store. But you know true bad boys (and girls) like me go over and beyond. Do things people wouldn’t dare!!

  • Sometimes I will be standing right next to a recycle bin, and throw paper in the trash anyways.
  • I will spill juice on the floor and blame it on my kids.
  • I will post a blog with no pictures.
  • Sometimes I go to work without putting lotion on in the mornings…then scratch my arm.
  • I read Facebook on my laptop in the bathroom.
  • When on the elevator alone, I depress and hold the ‘door close’ button.
  • I send my wife dirty e-mails via my work Blackberry while in meetings knowing it is monitored by the network.
  • When people slip, stumble or fall…I usually laugh aloud or internally…but I always laugh.
  • I have been known to use the work shredder to chop up blank paper.
  • I will dunk on my kids on their rim…and push them down afterwards while screaming.

Yea I know, ruthless.


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