My newest obession – NO MORE DIRECTV

couponIn this economy, everyone is trying to save a buck. I was in the bedroom a couple weekends ago playing around, and wondered what would happen if I hooked up a regular antenna to our flat screen. So I took all the DirecTV cables out, attached the antenna, and did a channel scan. I be darn. I had NO idea there were free over the air HD channels! Here I am paying for this crappy service that goes out every time it remotely rains, and I attach an old HD compatible antenna from the closet (I purchased 3 years ago at Radio Wack) and get crystal clear reception…and a decent amount of stations too. At that moment my life changed (ok it really isn’t that serious, but I had to type that for dramatic effect).

rcaI began performing searches on the internet for better antennas and converter boxes (for our old CRT). I did some research on Amazon for some more expensive antennas, but when it boiled down to it I ended up using my government issued coupon at Best Buy to purchase the RCA – UHF/VHF/FM Indoor Antenna (Model: ANT121) for $13 and the Insignia Digital-to-Analog Converter (Model: NS-DXA1-APT) for $59 (before the coupon rebate).

I arrived home, hooked it all up and was impressed. The Insignia has an on-screen signal strength indicator, along with an on-screen TV guide and other options. Definitely pleased with my purchase. I immediately took all my DirecTV boxes and shipped them jokers back. I am getting a better picture without PAYING additional for HD, and saving $80+ a month (and that was with NO premium channels). The only thing I will miss about DirecTV was my DVR, but in the words of Lee Corso…not so fast my friend! I have a feeling my next electronic obsession will be the TiVo HD DVR. Hmmm.



2 responses to “My newest obession – NO MORE DIRECTV

  1. Yea, I am hard headed. Thought I would be getting that NFL Ticket, but didn’t have the time to even enjoy it. I really think they are a rip off. With all the down time we had and billing issues, I’d never recommend them jokers to anybody else. Going to ride this out for a while, then weigh my options between FiOS or possibly Dish. Somewhat scared to go back to satellite again.

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