Facebook stalkers…

facebookI recently fell victim to this Facebook fad. Locating past high school comrades a sense of nostalgia returned as I navigated through pages of old blackmail photos from the past. Leery about how much personal info is shared, my friends list is limited to people I went to school with, old co-workers and old church members. Out of agape love towards my wife and reverence to our union, I am very careful not to add any ex’s, people who were interested, friends of ex’s, or friends of people who were interested in being an ex. You get the gist. Problem is many people in relationships don’t set social networking boundaries, therefore places like Facebook and MySpace tend to be hookup spots…almost like an online club. This social network era is hilarious as I have seen people (literally) announce their divorce to family and friends by changing their relationship status. And what in the hell is up with people going from single to it’s complicated?? What in the heck is complicated about it? Or how about all the people that claim to have a man/woman but constantly are on others pages flirting? I am not condemning, but Facebook tends to be a hot mess a lot of times; a hot mess that could lead to some trouble down the line. Looking at the plethora of updates and reading wall boards, I started thinking about this new age in meeting/dating online. Since I have been married a decade, some online etiquette is foreign to me. I may just be old school, but if I had a daughter I would fear her sharing her information online…especially in the midst of all these stalkers.

Aside from profiles listing their cellular number, home addresses and alternate work e-mails, I find it utterly shocking how much detail people put on their status updates. Some people (female in general) will literally put when the arrive at work, eat lunch, on breaks, picking up kids, working out and where, and going to sleep. I guess they feel comfortable with their friends list, but it tends to be a bit TMI when you get 7-10 updates in one day. I think about how old school men used to stalk women by hiding in the bushes at her apartment or sitting in the car watching her go to work while drinking a 2% chocolate milk out the carton. Now they don’t have to do any work because women give up so much personal information to their whereabouts online. Which leads me to the second thing about this social network that shocks me more…women stalkers!

fatalattractionI absolutely can not believe how many females throw themselves all over men on these pages. Granted some of these dudes lead ’em to the water, but geesh have some self-respect. Almost like they are pissing on a tree to mark territory. Thing is it is pointless piss because several other cats walking around the same tree trying to mark it. Utter nonsense to fight for a man’s attention. I looked through some of the of my old friends pages who are now scattered across the country…FL, GA, OH…and heck even in Spain. No matter where they are, these females in these various locations (and girls from our hometown) get on their wallboard DAILY sweating them trying to flirt and let their presence be known to other females. Anytime there is a post, update, anything…bam right there. It would be different if it were innocent ONE TIME posting, but this is straight up daily attention getting, full-bred online philandering. That is crazy to me to throw yourself at a man like that. I constantly warn my friends to leave these silly broads alone, but I have this saying – a guy is going to do whatever you let him do. Granted that is a cop out and men need to step up and be the men they were called to be, but I am just saying that as long as women set no boundaries and let guys get away with it, they are going to push the limits in everything they do, ask for, and how they treat you. Period!

I apologize for this post, but I have issues about women pursuing men, and how it damages future relationships. I have a theory on that I will explore later this year in a book. I think it is time for a social network fast in my household. They really are psychotic and waste time. And how I am saying this now, I probably will check mine at least twice before I go to sleep. lol.


4 responses to “Facebook stalkers…

  1. Good post! It’s nice to see that a man is talking about setting boundaries. Your wife would be so proud. I think a lot of women have just lost their mind. Some are so desperate for attention that they will respond to anyone who is willing to show them a little bit. I had to point this out to a co-worker friend of mine about herself. It’s a mess out there. All these people trying to find love on tv shows (like The Bachelor) and online. Sheesh, I’m glad I’m married. Take care, A.

  2. It really is crazy. I was going to keep going, but felt I was becoming a bit fussy. Truth of the matter is it is scary, and it could lead to dyer consequences.

    I looked up the definition of stalkers, or in this case cyber stalkers. Per the US Dept of Justice, “Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet, e-mail, or other electronic communications devices to stalk another person. Stalking generally involves harassing or threatening behavior that an individual engages in repeatedly, such as following a person, appearing at a person’s home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects.”

    Now granted these cases I spoke of haven’t evolved this far, but they are early signs. Heck, even serial killers have to start with someone. They don’t just wake up one morning and BAM – 12 people dead. I think we (men) tend to think we can handle stuff and don’t really take into consideration the damage that has happened in someone’s life prior to meeting us. I am strictly speaking on my personal experience (prior to marriage). You could be that last man in a long string of guys who hurt her and your one action can be the thing that sends her over the edge. Hence the reason for the image of Fatal Attraction on this post. You never know what someone will do when their feelings are hurt.

    The intention of this post was simply to warn people to be careful, use discernment (if they have any), and protect yourself.

  3. You know I enjoy Facebook but I do think it is a waste of time. I am happy I can see how some of my classmates doing in life but I prefer them at a distance. That is just me though but I do wish them well in their future endeavors.
    Man, I think about my son and daughter. I know we like to think of the possiblities with daughters but I think their is enough people trying to prey on boys to.
    After that whole deal with facebook having rights to pictures I am relucant to load anything. That is just me personally. I enjoy checking my facebook account but I don’t never update my status and actually I had an account for a while but never did access until late last year. I am probably not the one to state my status on a regular basis unless I feel like it and that is not to often. I never thought about a man/women stalking a person and that person providing their where about. That is amazing!
    I have not been on anyone wall to see crazy posts but I should have known that it was happening like crazy. I know it some crazy stuff on Myspace. I know I am surprise about people listing their telephone cell number but like you said if you got a list of people you know then maybe they feel comfortable. Now, just like myspace, which I never check, I only accept people I know but heck ain’t like no one is trying to send me a request.

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