3 keys to success

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4 responses to “3 keys to success

  1. I concur. Reading a good book about relationships requires effort and self-reflection, which are the same ingredients for creating healthy relationships. Steve Harvey’s book is one man’s perspective and one that I happen not to agree with. I read the book and was horrified that women are actually relishing in its content. The man that he seems to be, by the contents of this book and the men he refers to, seem to be pre-historic at best. Relationships are a partnership, not one gender catering to the other. And I know many men who are insulted by the limited perspective he provides. You’re right, he needs to stick with comedy, because this book is a joke.

  2. “people tend to gravitate to those who will give them the answers they want, versus the answers they need”
    This is so the truth.

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