You don’t know me! – (Part II)

I actually wrote this post in two parts sense I felt it was sort of long. If visiting the post directly, click here to view part I.

This post was not intended to be a female bashing session because foolishness is a two-way street. Guys will sit here and use a female for their own selfish agenda, then get mad when things go belly up as well. They want the benefits of sex, with none of the consequences. Watch one of those Maury shows. I haven’t seen one in years, but I am quite sure the formula hasn’t changed. A guy gets hurt that he has a baby by a chick he merely viewed as a pleasure receptacle, then turns around like, “Maury, that baby ain’t mine. She’s a ho, a tramp, a slut, a batch. She smashed all the homies!”

I sit here thinking to myself…you knew she was superhead before you skinny dipped in camp crystal lake, so why did you continue? We (men) need to start being more accountable for our actions and stop deferring the blame. This is a lesson I am branding into my sons even at an early age. If you don’t want to be bothered with a female, don’t lead her on. Period. Don’t use her for sex, or companionship, or conversation, or food, or money, or anything of the sort. Don’t even be nice and lie. If you don’t want somebody, make it apparent and don’t leave loose strings to go back to.

wcMen tend to have exit strategies, or what I call the west coast offense. The west coast offense is an offensive philosophy which broke the norm at the time it was introduced by stretching the defense out using a horizontal passing attack. I won’t get much into the theory, but once you start learning the offense there are a series of check-downs the QB is taught; with the RB always being a last resort to dump the ball off. Men employ this west coast offense with women. The game has evolved. Men set up the field to keep women on their toes and always have an outlet to fall back on; thus the reason communication lines are not cut. I have always told my wife no matter how crazy an ex is, if you really want someone out of your life you will make it so they are not part of your life.

psychoOne of the things we are stressing with our sons is to leave females alone if you don’t like them. Don’t even be nice because females take things differently. Your smile and trying to be nice could be a sign to her you want to leave your woman and marry her. Seriously. My wife can explain this a lot better than I am trying to articulate, but women by their very nature are incubators. They are constructed to give birth. So once you (as a man) says something to a woman it sits there and incubates. That is why an argument is NEVER over with a woman. That is why when a woman becomes silent you should be worried (lol). That is why it is important we are careful what we say to women. You can’t tell a girl you love her, then renege. Their brains don’t work in the same manner ours does. Once you say something, it is too late to play cleanup. Women tend to take things, run with it, and manipulate it to their liking. Then we wonder why we have a psycho on our hands.

Of course I can’t blame them. Look at how we have evolved as men. How we treat them. How we pimp them out on magazines and movies, and hell in life. How we ignore their needs and do what is in our own best interest. Man to man, we have been acting like jackasses.

This relationship thing is not as hard as we make it out to be. We just get impatient and move when our instinct tells us to stand still. Sometimes I think God looks at us and says, “You don’t know me!” then removes hand. Then we wonder why everything is so chaotic. Almost like having a hard-headed child that you keep telling to stop running in the kitchen. One day you get tired of telling him to stop…then he slips and busts his tail.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that – I didn’t know. I didn’t know he/she was like that. I didn’t know he/she was crazy. Boo. You knew, but chose to ignore because your desire (personal need) was greater than what you know you discerned from the beginning. My wife always preaches/teaches about choice. Everything in life boils down to a choice. Yes, you have a choice in every situation. You can choose to surf the internet and stay on social networks all day or choose to read a book, develop your mind and invest time wisely. You can choose to eat junk food and not exercise, or choose to eat healthy and attempt to be fit. You can choose to know and learn the person you are dating before you sleep with them, or choose to ignore the signs and simply – do you. You can choose to accept foolishness in relationships, or choose to move past it and walk towards your purpose. It is all a choice.


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