the grass is always greener

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One response to “the grass is always greener

  1. In the end, the grass may look greener, but people have no clue what you went through to get your harvest.

    I’ll try to make this moment on my soapbox short. I agree with you that often people look at someone else’s green grass and think that the other person’s grass has always been green. People don’t think about the sweat and the labor that had to go in to making the grass green. I get frustrated when people utter jealous and envious statements without knowing the sacrifice another person had to make in order to get what they have. If you want the life that someone has now you have to make the sacrifices they made to get there. If people focused on their own lawn instead of some else’s they could develop a plan to flourish and grow instead of covet and long for something they did not work for. However, most aren’t willing to make any sacrifice yet they still want a reward.

    Lastly, people also forget that just because your grass is green does not mean you can stop taking care of it. If you neglect to water and fertilize your grass or if you fail to be vigilant in identifying weeds, things can go wrong rather quickly. Weeds are always looking for an opportunity to take root, the sun can scorch a dry lawn you forgot to water and grass can die by not have the nutrients it needs. Getting a green lawn is the easy part maintaining (keeping it green) requires diligence.

    So all those looking to get another’s green lawn will most likely end up with a brown, weed infested mess after all is said and done because they never learned how to take care of lawn in the first place.

    That is just my two cents.

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