why I blog?

If you stumbled upon my blog, you may run across some posts to make you say, “Just who in the hell does this guy think he is?” Well I am going to tell you. Everything I say I speak from experience. I don’t speak to be malicious or to make anyone feel bad. I speak the truth, and give advice I share with young and old men/women in my family. To my sons, nieces, cousins, friends. I focus a lot on relationships because I think they are critical to life. I may not get a lot of things in life, but I understand how relationships work.

(Stay tuned because the new blog with my wife is coming real soon.)

crashtestdummyWhat this blog isn’t. You won’t find a high and mighty condescending guy sitting here on my thrown telling all the dumb females of the land what is wrong with them and ignoring what I did to contribute to the problem. I am not going to talk about your issues when I am not walking as the man I was created to be. I have seen blogs where (male & female) will make comments to belittle someone and make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. I don’t sit here and try to magnify someone else’s problems to mask my own. Trust me, I got issues!! I even have a “I have issues” shirt in my closet. But one thing you can count on is I would never give anyone advice on this blog that I wouldn’t take myself. I am not going to go off about somebody not having the discipline to manage their finances, or continue education, or get out of debt to buy a house…in a tone almost as if I am disgusted…and I can’t manage the words coming out of my mouth, have the discipline to maintain a healthy weight, or hell even manage to sustain a lasting relationship. I have made a lot of mistakes with relationships in the past, and I am now blessed to be with a wonderful woman for over a decade. I am not an expert by any means, but I can recognize some of the foolishness I took part in, and if I can prevent someone from making a dumb mistake with a few words then I will.

With the popularity of blogs, social networks, facebook groupies / desperate cyber stalkers, it tends to be a bit overwhelming hearing peoples vastly different viewpoints. It is actually quite annoying, so I know I am not for everyone. I am not self-righteous nor do I bend the moral compass to ignore my faults while highlighting others. I am not one of those people that just randomly Googles scriptures to pretend I am something I am not. We all are works in progress, but some people tend to, as we used to say back in the day, put up a front.

I also won’t use this as a platform to express when my feelings are hurt. You know back in the day grandma (figure of speech) used to teach that family (relationship) business stays within the walls. If my wife and I are disagreeing, I promise no one else on this earth would ever know about it (especially not on a blog) because we established that early in our relationship. It amazes me how relationships go sour, and people will take cyber shots at one another. It is a sad trend, and it really is pointless because at the end of the day, what is done is done. I know it is hard when you sow into something/someone and dream of the possibilities…all to have it slam into a brick wall like a crash test dummy. But when it is over it is over. When the movie ends you don’t sit there after the credits staring at the blank screen dwelling on what was. You have to get up and move.

My friends all know me as one of the realest cats ever. As the youngens say in this era, keeping it 1hun. But I am also transparent and show empathy. I think all bloggers write from a passionate place. We use it as therapy to vent for whomever wants to listen. But at times in life things are peachy and we tend to intertwine a lot of emotion into it…sometimes emotion that could be hurtful and harmful to others. I understand how powerful words are so I am cognisant of this. It is never my intention to take shots or belittle anyone, but assist in deliverance from nonsense.


2 responses to “why I blog?

  1. J, you know we don’t agree on all things. I agree with you on this and from time to time I have done exactly what you said not to do. I regreted in the end too. Personal matters need to be kept just that personal. I appreciate your honesty even when you step on my toes. Keep telling the truth, that’s what keeps me coming back!!!

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