What is a real man?

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2 responses to “What is a real man?

  1. A real man is a leader, is confident, funny, interesting. A real man is mature, likable, strong (specially mentally), stands for what he believes in. A real man does NOT give his power away to other men or women. He is IN CONTROL. A real man knows how to fight. A real man TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS LIFE, FOR HIS ACTIONS. A real man allows others to enjoy themselves without him feeling jealous or needing their approval. A real man is INDEPENDENT. He’s authentic and UNAPOLOGETIC. A real mature man builds a happy single life FIRST before going into a relationship. A real MAN is BUSY. A real man sets his own boundaries and does NOT let others cross them. A real man is cool, he can relate to anyone, he can make fun of himself. A real man doesn’t act above others. A real man is sexually confident. A real man doesn’t need or use threats. A real man thrives with the WIN/WIN mentality. A real man needs nothing external to be happy. A real man is a pillar of strength, security and protection in every situation. A real man is congruent, solid. A real man makes decisions and sticks to them. A real man is self respecting but not selfish. A real man is brave and assertive. A real man is HONEST.

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