Benedict Android – A 30 Day Tech Love Affair

I have a buddy who swears by Android and acts like Apple killed his dog. I’ve never quite understood his animosity towards the company and vendetta on bringing about the iPhone’s extinction. His shining day of glory came with this video (parental discretion advised) was circulating via email. What my friend fails to realize is the iPhone is like innie belly button lint funk; outies just don’t understand. You have to be on this side of the railroad tracks to truly get it. Granted the video was funny and other phones may have better specs, but it doesn’t matter if the phone is not functional in your daily use. I used to think people were psycho over them too until I had one, and it changed my phone expectations going forward.

Anyways, I found myself in a conundrum. I wanted to (1) change services and (2) upgrade my wife and my iPhone 3Gs to the new iPhone 5’s. The problem is nobody knows if they are going to come out in June or October of this year. I thought hard on the decision for weeks. Should I just go ahead and splurge on the 4S and see how Siri would interact with me and the difficult questions I plan on asking? Or do I just go the cheaper 4 route since it is still technically an upgrade? Then I reverted back to my friend. I am a techie of sorts and even work in IT. So why not just experiment with Android for a little bit and see how it tastes? That way I can give an unbiased opinion of it to my friend. If I like it I keep it and apologize gracefully. If not, I’ll give to my son when the iPhone 5 comes out. Sounds like a plan.

Now that I determined to sow my royal oats, I had to get over my guilt of looking at others because Isabella (my iPhone) has been good to me. I had many phones before her, but she was the ONE. Like some, my past is not something I’m proud of. There were some stinkers in there, but also some good times as well. When Isabella came along, she made me forget about my past. But now our relationship has grown stagnant and I have started to look outside. In walks Andrea (Android). Andy has some interesting features, and has definitely sparked my interest. As I anticipate the differences, the following 30 days I will journal my relationship between Izzy (my old and faithful) and Andy (the newer prospect). I guess you can call it a tech tryst.

NOTE – my goal is to compare Android and Apple, but keep in mind when I refer to Izzy or Andy that I have to factor in some of the hardware specs of the particular phone. This love triangle will be between the iPhone 3Gs & Motorola Photon 4G, but to be fair to the iPhone (since this is old generation), click to see the similarities between the Motorola Photon 4G & iPhone 4s.

Day 1 >>


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