A Tech Love Affair – Day 1

I sat at work and received an email notification my package arrived. Andrea was here – dressed in the Motorola Photon 4G. I glanced at Izzy as she sat on my desk…wondering what the differences were. Oh well I thought, I’ll have plenty of time to play with her. Since I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, yet wanted something powerful enough for me to really experience Andrea, I went with the Motorola Photon 4G. Not to mention the name Motorola holds merit with me as I dated someone in the family a long time ago (RAZR). Why not keep it in the family?

I arrive home and open the box. I was a bit disappointed at the packaging. Isabella really carried herself well, and dressed slick. The type that makes you feel important around her. I’ll never forget the anticipation when I undressed Izzy for the first time. Neat little black box, everything organically fit. Andrea just came somewhat uniform and bland. But hey I don’t judge by a box, and Isabella really set the bar high. I charged Andy while I ate dinner as I was in route to my son’s basketball practice.

I sit at practice, then fire this puppy up. Oh my, what am I doing? I’m actually stepping out on Izzy and don’t know if I like it. Ok, how do I…damn I hate this menu. And why is it syncing every freaken thing? This marketplace sucks. Let me send a text to my friend. Wow texting is ugly. Not feeling this at all. Let me take some video. Looks good, replays good. Still I don’t know how to use this stupid menu. Arrghhh!!

My phone died halfway into practice. I sat next to a woman who has the Samsung Galaxy S II. This is what my buddy swears is the iPhone killer. She ranted and raved about how she liked it. I figured I must be missing something. And what does she know. I glanced back and Andy figured I wasn’t giving her a fair shake. I decided I would put some time into the relationship.

Practice was over I was determined to spend more time with her later that night. I got comfortable and sat on the couch with Izzy and Andy and tried to make them play with each other. Guess just a guys dream to use mobile hotspot on one phone with another. It worked for a little bit, but Andy was drained and it just did nothing for me. Maybe if we were outside the household. Andy lost this round. I guess it’s too early in the affair because I’m still sleeping with Izzy at night. She just knows how to get me there.

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