A Tech Love Affair – Day 2

Well I successfully emailed photos to myself. I did it the day before, but this time…I shaved a cool 2 seconds off my time. Still not really user friendly in my opinion, but I’m absolutely loving the big screen. I went to the grocery store this morning. Guess I am a poly(phone)gamist because I took Izzy with me as well;  hoping they’d get along. After the botched 3-some hotspot incident the night before, I had to step on egg shells.

I had a baseball game for one of my boys today. I tried to text a coach to tell him I was running late. Boy was that a nightmare. I hate texting on Andrea. The auto type whatever it’s called is not as good. I guess older chicks can spell and speak better than these youngens. I got to the point where I could write relatively fast and accurate with Izzy. While I’m griping, I’m also not fond of the email layout compared to Izzy’s. The layout (GUI) with Isabella makes it easier (in my opinion) to navigate through multiple business email accounts. But I will say when I open my email it’s already there with Andy, versus loading with Izzy; which is a plus. Then again maybe I’m just not hitting Izzy’s buttons right? Another pro for Andrea is she is made for head. By that I mean she feels more organic against your face and talking seems to be clearer.

So after a first date nothing much to report. Played around a little, fondled her a bit. Maybe I’ll get to second base later. Truth of the matter is I’m not so much up on these new age tricks and all the bells and whistles. I just want somebody to be there for me and be reliable. Guess I’m a traditionalist.

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