A Tech Love Affair – Day 3

As much as guys want a spontaneous gal, at the end of the day you want some stability. I take my kids to school and Andy is dead. Battery life sucks. Guess she partied too hard and didn’t know how to balance it all. I did play a couple games with her like Word With Friends and DrawSomething, but honestly it just doesn’t feel right playing games with Andy. That was something Izzy and me liked to do together. For now my favorite rotation of Cut the Rope and Where’s My Water (two games I highly recommend) will have to be a game reserved for Izzy and myself play since I refuse to pay again.

I will give Andy props. She looks pretty. And when I checked out her hardware, I noticed she has a HDMI port. That’s pretty neat being I plug my laptop and various other devices into our plasma all the time. I  like the possibility of sharing pics and videos that way, however I do have a FiOS app that lets me move images from Izzy over to my TV so I’m straight for now.

I guess some of Andy’s tricks started to wear on me, so my cynicism stepped in. It’s typical in a new relationship; that paranoia. So I did what any other new sane boyfriend would do; start Google’ing her and see if others had pics and/or dirt they were sharing. While looking her up found people talking about viruses. Never had to worry about protection with Izzy. What the hell? Izzy is a round the way girl. Standing on a bus stop app for a lollipop. Izzy was down for me. Responsible. Set alarms shed wake me. I’m sure Andy would too if I asked, but these young models make you jump through hoops for basic tasks. There is stability and reassurance in an older phone. I know Izzy is still here, but boy I used to love HER.

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