A Tech Love Affair – Day 4

Another thing I noticed about Andy is she is a lot raunchier than Izzy. Even though Izzy did jailbreak time, she didn’t have as many porn-esque type apps. I now see alone why my buddy favors Android over Apple.

One major plus for Andy I discovered today; the ability to create Word documents. Now before I get a list of Izzy faithfuls jumping to her defense, keep in mind Izzy was like the Bonnie to my Clyde. Meaning, she was hood and hacked (jailbroken). I put any and every thing you can think of on there Office wise, but nothing worked with the same functionality as Andy. Right off the bat I could create a doc from scratch, bold letter, change font type, add images, but the BIGGEST thing….save it in a directory/folder of my choosing. If you don’t get the significance of that, skip this part and read tomorrow. That is HUGE. With Izzy I’d have to email a doc to myself, try to save it in some hidden folder I’d forget, or use something like GoogleDocs or DropBox. With Andrea, she just makes it simple. Now granted…when will I ever sit there and create a doc from scratch like that? But I do read .pdf’s I find from courses and other sources from time to time, so that is ridiculously convenient.

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